Wednesday, 15 April 2015

50 things that make me Happy!

I was pleased to be tagged to do this post by Sarah as it is always good to see the positives; I especially love the idea that there are 50 things to find as it seems like such a big number!

Sarah's list is fantastic and if you want to see it then you can find her original post here.
So here's my list in no real order:

1.       My eldest William (Only in age order)

2.       My youngest James

3.       The excited look on the Boys face when I pick them up on a Sunday

4.       My lovely dog Samson

5.       Teaching

6.       Playing the Piano

7.       Drawing

8.       Coffee

9.       Cheesecake

10.   Church

11.   Blogging

12.   Reading Blogs

13.   Reading

14.   Science Fiction

15.   Comics

16.   Close Friends

17.   Driving

18.   Cuddles with the Boys

19.   Steak (Rare), Chips with Peppercorn Sauce

20.   Sleep

21.   Cooking

22.   Cooking food for others

23.   Quizzes

24.   Learning

25.   Dairy Milk chocolate

26.   Films

27.   The Hunger Games (Any presentation)

28.   Watership Down (All-time Favourite book)

29.   Documentaries

30.   Singing loudly

31.   A deep cleaning (With Bleach and a toothbrush)

32.   Getting a message from someone saying “Good Morning”

33.   When the Boys climb in to bed and give me a cuddle

34.   Carry On Films

35.   Old books and First edition

36.   Helping Others

37.   When the Boys ask “Are you ready Daddy” and we start singing

38.   Williams cheeky laugh

39.   The cheeky glint in James eye

40.   Playing the Guitar

41.   90s Dance Music

42.   Clean sheets and duvet

43.   Donkeys

44.   Visiting my Aunt and Uncle

45.   Gardening

46.   Museums

47.   Marmite

48.   Warhammer (Models not Playing)

49.   Doggy (Pound Puppy that I have had since I was born)

50.   Family Guy

So there’s my 50 things; it’s been great to list it all out although I’ll be honest it was tough going just gone past the 40 mark.

I nominate:

Ashley and Zoe When the Dust Settles
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Happy Diaries


  1. Yeeess you like Marmite! Haha Lovely list :-) x

  2. Great list, and thanks for the nomination.

  3. Great list.
    My hubby loves Warhammer models too. He's got loads, all waiting to be painted. He's got all the kit but no time to do it as yet!

    1. Thanks Battle mum. I love it. Not so much the playing of it but definitely the model making! Time to do it is difficult! Hope hubby finds some time.

  4. Ah pound puppies! I remember them so cute. Loads of good reasons to be happy I enjoyed writing mine too good fun and you realise you can go on!

    1. Thanks Hannah. I've had my pound puppy from birth. He's ended up being my constant. :)

  5. Has to be rare steak. Herself has is burnt like rubber. I'm a Marmite hater though.

    1. Burnt steak horrible. Have no idea how people eat it well done. No!! Marmite is lovely!

  6. Great list :) I found it tricky past 30ish!!
    I'm not a marmite lover or a rare steak kinda girl but I love a deep clean too.

    1. Thanks Lianne. No marmite or rare steaks! Shame on you! ;) but you really can't go wrong with a deep clean....I love it!

  7. Such a good idea to do, always nice to think of the things that make us happy! #happydiaries

  8. Definitely. Otherwise you get bogged down.