Monday, 8 February 2016

Out of the Mouth of Babes #16

We've been looking at our body in Home School this term trying to put together a body map.

In investigating our heart, pulse and what it does for us an interesting conversation between the boys happened:

Me: "What does the heart do?"

James: "It makes us love people."

William: "No, it pumps blood around the body."

James: "So it pumps love too?"

William: "No, people say they love from their heart but it's really their brains. It's why they're crazy!"

I think that probably makes a lot of sense!

Looking at the same topic we were later discussing our Brains and what they do.

Me: "What do our brains do?"

William: "Mine makes me think, move and remember things"

James: "Yeah, it does that. But I think Daddy's brain is shrinking!"

William: "Why? He's older, it should be bigger"

James: "Well it must be shrinking because he isn't great at remember things anymore! He forgot our names earlier!" do you explain to the children that it's difficult to remember names after saying it a 100s times before breakfast and usually getting the wrong one?

The final conversation this week happened as just a random car conversation.

James: "Will, do you get coloured wool from different coloured sheep?"

William: "No, you don't get different coloured sheep. You only get White and Black sheep."

James: "Oh, so how do we get different coloured wool for our jumpers then?"

William: "It's easy. They take the sheep, dip them in paint lots and then once their wool has changed colour they shave the wool off!"

James: "Yeah, that makes sense!"

I think I need to use my shrunken brain and help make theirs bigger on this!

Little Hearts, Big Love


Caroline Elliott said...

Ha ha I love their logic! My brain must definitely be shrinking too he he love the idea of dipping sheep in paint! Xx #ftmob

Caroline Elliott said...

Ha ha I love their logic! My brain must definitely be shrinking too he he love the idea of dipping sheep in paint! Xx #ftmob

Maddy@writingbubble said...

I love the idea of dipping sheep in paint! The comment about hearts and love makes total sense, and my brain is definitely shrinking - I usually call my kids by each other's names before I hit on the right one!#ftmob

Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) said...

Love this post Martyn - the thought of the heart pumping love is a lovely one although William's explanation of love coming from the brain and that's why people are crazy made me laugh. I think my brain must be shrinking too - I get my girls' names wrong now and then too! I love the boys' explanation of where coloured wool comes from - so funny! Thanks for linking up to #ftmob :-)

Martin Sheaf said...

Different colour sheep running around the countryside, now there's a thought! I find it so funny with the things kids come out with.

Thanks for sharing, it made me chuckle. #ftmob

Silly Mummy said...

Your kids always have such brilliant thoughts on their lessons - always make sense too! & I really wish that was how they got coloured wool! #ftmob