Wednesday, 28 June 2017

The #NoddyChallenge - The Book People

We are and always have been massive Noddy fans. From the books to the varying films and TV shows. I even loved it so much that I have once dressed as him for World book day!

For me it is a classic underdog story of a young boy learning and growing through the university of life!

We were asked to create a craft and promote the Noddy challenge over on Instagram by the Book People. The book people, in recognition of Enid Blyton turning 100 this year, wanted to inspire parents to get involved and create something amazing.

They said:

"Created in 1949, Noddy is one of the most beloved UK children’s characters, having entertained families for generations with stories set in the colourful world of Toyland. DreamWorks’ Noddy, Toyland Detective reimagines Noddy in the new role of investigator; exploring mysteries and searching for clues in Toyland while encouraging viewers to explore and make discoveries in their own world.

The #NoddyChallenge is all about inspiring parents and children to create together, making a range of art, food and craft projects inspired by Noddy and his friends and sharing them with us on our social media channels."
The moment I saw this campaign I knew it would be perfect for us as a family and home educators! Literacy, crafting and childhood love all rolled into one!
Yet, since enjoying our craft morning and sharing our creation people have asked what we used, what design did we follow and how they can make their own. So, with this is mind, I have decided to create a "how to post" on our creation!

We used Red and Yellow paint, brushes, black card, glue gun, a cup and cardboard

James started off by using a cup base to create a circular template four times for the wheels.

Using a piece of card the boys cut along the middle to create to equal in length strips of card for the side of the car.

They then cut to equal squares for the front and back of the car. It is important that the height of the squares is double the height of the side strips.

Using the sides and front as a size template create a piece of card for the base of the car.

The boys then painted all the sections yellow.

They had to give the sections several layers of paint to get the bright colour.

With the sections painted I used the glue gun to attach the sides; William held the sections in place to dry.

This was then repeated for the other side and then front and back. The front and back pieces will obviously be taller and allow you the option to bend into place. We used little pieces of card as joining sections to secure the shape.

Meanwhile, James used the cup to create circular shape to form the shape of the wheel rims. The same cup would obviously be idea to fit the previous circles. He then painted them red.

William then glued and pasted the wheels onto black card and then cut to make tyres and wheels.

With the body of the car still drying we used a square piece of card to make the seat. It was folded in half to create a sitting area along with the back rest.

Using off cuts of card we made a support to strengthen the base and have a position to glue to the inside.

William then painted the seat red.

It was then time to glue all of the sections onto the car body.

Attaching the wheel rims.

The wheels and the seat.

The boys then painted a red stripe across the bottom between the rims to create a flowing boarder.

After choosing the right size of googly eyes the boys stuck them to the front.

Using a crescent shaped card and a small piece of white paper the boys made the smile to be placed under the eyes.

Next it was time to make the Noddy and Big Ears characters.

Using plain white mannequin template the boys copied and coloured the designs and images from the book people's craft post. 

James used glue and cotton wool to make Big Ears fluffy beard!

With the characters and car complete we had finished the craft.

The Book People have several craft options to complete or, like us, you can use the ideas to be inspired and create your own craft options!

If you, like us, are interested in taking part in the Noddy Challenge then it is simple to do! Use their site for options and ideas, follow the Noddy the Toyland Detective designs and then write it up or share on social media using the #NoddyChallenge tag! At the end of the challenge, one lucky winner will be drawn at random to win £500 RRP worth of books from the Book People and 5 runners up will also receive £50 RRP worth of books.

We were asked to take part in the campaign on social media (in this case Instagram) as a collaboration and sponsored content. However, this post was NOT commissioned by the nook people; I just really liked the idea of the challenge and following from others interest in our personalised craft decided to write this post!

What do you think of our crafts? Will you be joining in with the challenge? As always, we would love to see what you come up!


Hannah J said...

That looks like a whole lot of fun. We're still on messy painting with Jaxon but hopefully we'll get to do fun crafts like this when he's a bit older.

Mummy Of 5 miracles said...

Excellent job guys! I love doing crafts and don't do it anywhere near enough! .. I love Noddy , I worked in Toyland at Butlins for a while so constantly heard the songs

Clare Nicholas said...

These look awesome. Well done kids

Hannah Brooker said...

I like it when people share how they made their crafts. Both boys seem like they enjoyed it. Still wondering what we could do to take part!

Plutonium Sox said...

Woah, back up a minute! Didn't you once dress up as Noddy? Have I dreamed that up?

Two terrible things have happened here.

1. You didn't share the photo of you dressed as Noddy for me to ridicule. Rude.

2. I will be doing this craft as well next week and now I have the overwhelming desire to dress my children as Noddy and Bigears and it's all your fault. I will blame you when I drag those photos out on their 18th birthdays.