Saturday, 29 July 2017

The Summer Space Project

The summer holidays are well underway and now that we are in the first few weeks I am sure, like most of us, all the plans and activities are becoming harder to entertain our little ones.
I am always the first to admit that I am a far better teacher than I am parent; it is something that comes far more naturally to me and hence makes our home schooling even more fun. With this in mind, and now that we have had a few weeks to relax, I feel like I need to introduce our summer project to keep us going.

Last year we had a Puppet Project and made several different puppets as well as learning the history behind them and visiting a toy museum. This year I thought I would do something that everyone can join in with; however old your child/ren are it should be an activity for all ages.
So here I am introducing our Space Project!

The boys have always been massive fans of Science and Space. The idea of something quite alien, unsearched and adventurous always grabs their attention. It has been something that they have wanted to do since we reviewed the Astronauts kit where they were keen to extend their learning and understanding.
My plan, and objective, is to research, study and create a range of different space themed activities and try and make as many as we can. Hopefully you could too!

The areas to expand here are massive and with that it would be great to see what direction everyone takes from designing a planet, prints, making papier-mache planets, stars, designing our own aliens, making a spacecraft and even seeing if we can make a homemade flying rocket! The ideas are endless!

All you need is a range of resources (Look at Poundland or Wilkinsons for cheap materials), imagination and some fun!

“With hard work and perseverance, it’s possible to do what I’ve done”
Astronaut Stephanie Wilson

If you like any of our ideas that we will be sharing them then please tag me at @mr _kitney or back link to me!

Hoping a lot of you will join in and I, as well as the boys, can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Through Amis Eyes said...

I was such a HUGE space fan when I was younger and would have loved to have done something like this. Hope the boys and you enjoy it :)

Becster said...

Ooo fun! I can't say I've been fascinated by space as such but I do love the space films like Apollo 13. Who am I kidding, I LOVE Apollo 13! I might try and join in a bit with your project with some doodles and drawings with the girls :)