Saturday, 2 September 2017

#Familygoodtimes Visit To McDonald’s


As a child my parents had a very strict view on us eating out at fast food restaurants. It was always a treat if we went; something that I have always tried to keep with the boys.
I have very fond memories of my 8th birthday party being at McDonald’s. Surrounded by friends and family, enjoying eating my special treat and interacting with the characters available.
It was a staple of primary school parties growing up and I remember going along to several and having a great time.
The Characters were always fun, engaging and full of entertainment obviously so much so that it has remained as a great childhood memory!
It has been something I have wanted to replicate for the boys even if it wasn't for birthday parties.
Luckily, across the country, McDonald’s are having and holding a host of character visits surrounding the release of the Emoji movie. We were pleased then to be invited along to experience this!

We managed to arrive before the Emoji character came out so had time to grab ourselves something eat first!
This gave William perfect timing to complete the Emoji sticker scene that was available.

Once we had finished we were greeted by Gene the main character from the movie as well as two ladies helping to host the event with him!

With Gene out it was time to play some games! They started off lining up and Gene would turn around and have to work out who had changed position in the line!

It was great fun and the children were loving trying to trick Gene.

Being an Emoji it was great to see the children then trying to mime out different emotions and see if we could guess which ones!

William loved this and had some amazing ideas and suggestions!

They then moved onto different animal impressions! One girl had us guessing for a while by being a Lynx which made playing the game great.

With a few more games being played there was great fun to be had by all!

Finally, a quick selfie with Gene himself before we went!

To finish the brilliant time that we had William received a signed autograph from Gene to say that he met him.

With McDonald’s #familygoodtimes and the entertaining character visits along with the movie you can find a fantastic way to enjoy time as a family. With the character visits to entertain the children on the weekend, during the holidays or just as a special treat I think it is a wonderful way to capture childhood memories; just like the ones I, and many, had as children!
If you’re like me and looking for a way to enjoy something to eat and entertain the family then try and check out the next McDonald’s character visits which are taking place all over the UK for the year. A simple way is to find out when they will be near your area is by using this postcode finder.
We had a lovely time and I am sure you would too!

(This is a collaboration with McDonalds. My opinions and images are my own and I am under no obligations to give a positive review! Please see my full disclosure at the bottom of my blog)

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