Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Not giving up for Lent #40DayBloggingChallenge

It is a new year and the months are flying by and with that it wont be long until we see across Twitter and Facebook that people are giving up this or that for lent! In fact, it is only 7 days away!

As many of you know I do go to Church every week as well as the odd Church activity in the week; don't worry this isn't going to be one of those nutty Christian posts.
I actually wanted to write a slightly different post and outlook on Lent.

So quick round up of Lent:

Lent is the 40 days that lead up to Easter; technically there are 44 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter but you are meant to take off the 6 Sundays and then add on Good Friday and Holy Saturday. This is meant to represent the time that Jesus was in the wilderness where he went through a 40 day of fasting.

So we then tend to try to give something up or "fast" during that period. In principle the time of 40 days is meant to be something that changes your outlook on life; People will often give up social media so they can spend more time with family or they will stop eating chocolate and reap the health benefits from it.

Anyway I digress:

So lent is a practice that a lot of people take on, being a Christian or not, it has turned into a "New Year’s Resolution" type of thing.

Lent starts, as mentioned above, in 7 days on Ash Wednesday so you will see many people talk about what they will be giving up over this time.

There are many things that I 'should' give up and would probably allow me to feel some healthy benefits from. This all sounds great doesn't it? So why wouldn't I want to give something up that would benefit me?

The more I thought about it the more it occurred to me that the likelihood is that whatever I give up will just continue straight after Easter. So would I truly benefit from it?
For the last 2 years I have taken up a challenge to take something on rather than giving something up; I decided that this year I would do the same!

So instead of giving up I will be taking something up.

My 40 Day Challenge:
I will be using this time for blogging; Every day I will ‘Stalk’ one of my followers. I will read and comment on some of your posts, old or new, and will tweet you something awesome. Spread the love to you all for all of the hard work you guys put in to all of your amazing posts.

Then on Sunday I will do a round-up post that gives a brief description of all the bloggers that are featured within the week.

For previous years I have used the tag #40DayBloggingChallenge but it is always too long for a tag so I am updating it to #40DBC

So what do you think? Want to join in with my positive Lent?

Or do you want me to give your blog a stalk?


  1. This sounds great! I would love to be involved.

  2. Ooh this sounds fun! I may have to actually start using Wordpress on a laptop (I've never used it on a laptop in the 2 years since I started blogging! )but I would be interested in joining in! X

  3. That's a lot of commitment mate! Hope it goes well and doesn't make you give up blogging haha :)

  4. I'm all for the stalking. Well, for one day only, anyway.

  5. Send some of your positive vibes my way, please! :) I wish you 40 days of sunshine. x

  6. What a great idea big commitment. Feel free to stalk away.

  7. This is a great idea but I genuinely worry about you taking on too much. Can you give up something as well so you have more time? Don't burn out.

  8. Very interesting concept, I'll look forward to seeing what you come up with. I could do with some input from more experienced bloggers so feel free to stalk me too. Good luck!

  9. Lovely idea Mr K! I hope you're making a little time for this and not going to add to your long list of things you do! I'm taking part in 40 days of kindness. I practice kindness year round I believe that's important but 40 days could be fun and a confidence boost to more things x

  10. Really love this idea. My eldest is doing Lent for the first time and is giving up chocolate. Somehow I've been roped into doing the same. All I can say is they are the ones that have got to live with me! My husband has given up everything from meat to sarcasm over the years and is running out of ideas. I will definitely suggest the taking something up idea to him. #BlogStorm P.S You can be my stalker!

  11. This such a lovely positive thing to do. All the best with it! You're welcome to come and visit, I have tea and biscuits :)

  12. I love the idea of taking things up rather than giving them up. I also like the fact that you're taking up stalking... such an underrated hobby!!! Can't wait to read the round-ups! #blogstorm

  13. What a great idea! How is your mission going so far? Are you letting your stalkee know in advance or just pitching up and saying hi? Love this idea.