About Me

I started Inside Martyn's Thoughts in 2010 as an outlet to organise all of the thoughts that I had floating around in my head; parenting changed that.
Back in September 2014 I relaunched this blog when I became a stay at home dad to my two boys with the hope to document the journey we were undertaking. Something I wasn't expecting was for it to grow!

Inside Martyn's Thoughts grew to become a place to share the highs and lows of family life from a single, stay at home dads perspective. The aim was to document our life together and to show that education doesn't need to be 9 - 5 Monday to Friday in a mainstream school setting. Through our journey you'd find posts on lifestyle and parenting, recipes and education tips and guides.

In 2017 my single parent ways stopped when my online friendship with another Mum blogger, Hannah (Cupcake Mumma) became a relationship. She moved to Kent from Cornwall and our family of 3 turned into a family of 6!

My stepchildren, Midge and A have grown to be just as much my children as the boys were. 

From then we've tried the Blended Family life with many ups and downs but we keep going! 

Whilst our situation has changed and grown over the years the love of writing hasn't. My journey from writing general or religious posts, to parenting, home education and lifestyle has now all amalgamated into a Lifestyle blog; writing whatever is "Inside my thoughts". 

Who are we?

I'm 40 and live in Kent and have split and equal responsibilities and access to my two boys, William and James. Whilst also being Dad/Maddy (Martyn Daddy) to Midge and A (Hannah's Children)

Am in relationship with Hannah and plan to Marry in 2024.   

I trained as a primary school teacher and had a career spanning 10 years in different forms before I stepped into the role of teacher in Home Ed. I currently write when I can, draw animals (visit Instagram) and teach children and adults to play Piano and Guitar. 

Have a massive faith that takes up a lot of my life and want to pursue Theology (Course starting September 2022)

I do all of this whilst also having a form of Muscular Dystrophy as well as battling mental health problems.

I am extremely geeky, love anything geeky from TV shows to comics and books. Big Movie and Marvel fan, love all things He-Man and often found many many Google or YouTube Rabbit holes.

The kids

Midge, 14, is the eldest of all 4. She's an amazing artist and puts her hand to anything creative. Massive heart, into horror and gore, openly gay and totally a "Maddy's girl" (which I love)

William, 13, enjoys cooking and baking and is titled "My Little Chef" where he took on many recipes here. Loves tiktok videos, having his head in his phone, a very eclectic music taste and will always find you with a Rick roll or cheesy pun! Currently left home ed and joined a specialist Autistic school. 

A, 11, is a football mad fan, plays for a local club and a team. He loves sports cars and wants to be a mechanic when he's older. He is really good at art too but doesn't believe in how good he is. Massive Simpsons fan, especially of Ralph who, in his words, "is totally him". 
James, 11, was and is the cheeky chap of the group. He enjoys parkour and getting into trouble. Has a massive mouth on him and an attitude to match; pretty much for the last 5 years preparing himself for being a teenager!

Speak to you all soon and thank you for visiting my Blog.