Thursday, 2 February 2017

Home School - Viking Shields

Since we started our history topic this term about Vikings the boys have been keen to getting to grips with some of the more fun crafts.

I think every "boring" lesson that we have had where we have read, investigated and then written has always followed with a whining voice saying "Why can't we make some Viking swords, axes and shields?"

Of course there is so much more to learn about them but I did think that it was about time I gave in and do something really fun. With this in mind we decided to make a Viking shield!


Large cardboard
2 different coloured paints
PVA glue



Using a large piece of thick cardboard the boys drew a circle. They did this by tying a piece of string to the pencil and drawing out from the middle the entire circumference.

The card is quite thick so I helped the boys cut the circles out but they did start them off.

Using a straight piece of left over card William drew a cross going through the middle creating four sections.

The boys the used masking tape to outline opposing diagonal corners.

William started off with blue paint whilst James chose red.

Once the sides we fully painted and covered smoothly they left it to dry. They then pulled off the masking tape to create clear straight edges as seen below.

Unlike other historical shields that often had logos or emblems the Vikings had either Celtic patterns or a two tone colourful shield.  

William chose to paint the opposing corners in a fleshy pink.

Whereas James chose to paint his bright blue.

The boys then left the paint to dry.

To represent the metal "boss" found in the middle and around the edges of the shield the boys used foil.

They started off by drawing and then cutting a circle for the middle.

They then stuck it down using pva glue.

They then cut long strips about an inch thick to go around the outside.

They firstly painted the glue onto the board and then laid the foil down gently moving and shaping the foil so it would fit the turning circle.

Using some of the card that we cut out when creating the circle we created a sleeve strap on the back my taping it down after measuring the size of each of their arms.

Then we had some finished shields and 2 very proud boys!

Whilst making these we discussed the different features about Viking shields.

We spoke about the shield being in a circular shape which would allow free movement. That the wood although hard and solid would have been lighter and made from non splitting wood like linden or fir.

The boys were also interested in how the metal on the edges reinforced the shields.

They loved the idea that these types of shields suited a quick style of fighting where each incoming blow is intercepted with the boss in order to deflect it but manoeuvrable to protect at all angles.

This was such a fun craft and lesson and the boys not only enjoyed learning and making it but they have been playing with them not stop and recreating some of the things that they learnt.

What do you think? Do you like their shields? Would you give it a go?

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