Thursday, 25 August 2016

Blackberry Picking - 2016

Depending on how long you have been following and reading the blog for you may or may not know that it is a yearly tradition for us, as a family, to go blackberry picking.

My Aunt has always struggled with her own mental health issues and as a child it was always hit or miss if we spent time with her or not. However, every year, rain or shine, she always took us blackberry picking and from that we would make a range of different treats.

This wonderful childhood memory has subsequently turned into a tradition with the boys and myself to go foraging for fruit at the end of the summer.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Review - Nerf Hyperfire

We were very excited when we were asked recently to review the Nerf Hyperfire by Hasbro!

We, as a family, are a massive Nerf blasters fans having a range of the different products avaliable from the smaller blasters and even the bow and arrow ones! So to try a Hyperfire was perfect for us!

The Hyperfire is suitable for children aged 8+ and I wouldn't recommend children under the age of 8 to play with this without adult supervision (which I will explain later)

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Quiz - Week 6


As many of you know I host a quiz night every Monday at a local pub. It is always great fun and I not only enjoy the atmosphere but it is also great to get out, socialise and stretch some brain cells. 
It is quite simple:
There are 6 Question rounds of a variety of content containing 5 questions. Some of these questions hold multiple points so watch out for those! 
At the end of the quiz determine which round that you want to play your "Joker" on and this allows you to double the points for that round.
Then on Friday I will be post the answers on my Facebook page. Then, if you want, you can come back to this post via the link and comment what your weekly score is!
So here it is!