Thursday, 8 December 2016

Single Parents at Christmas

Most of us are now in the swing of this Christmas thing that seems to have snuck up on us.
I am halfway there when it comes to being ready but with only 17 more sleeps to go (thanks for reminding me boys) time is running out.

One thing that I am all sorted for is the arrangements for access with the boys over the holiday period.
I have always been very lucky when it comes to our Christmas arrangements year on year where I have consistently had the boys for the whole of Christmas day. (I usually have them Christmas Eve evening through to Boxing Day morning) and with that I usually get New Years Eve off too; i am really lucky!

Most people have the idea that Christmas and the holiday season is a mad packed month of organising to enjoy a family day/s together but it isn’t always that straightforward for a lot of single parent families.
There are often feelings of rejection, loneliness, abandonment and raw emotions and more often than not it comes out when trying to organise where the children are meant to be.

Review- Doodle Delirium

We are massive board game fans! It doesn't matter when it is throughout the year but with Christmas around the corner we will definitely be sitting playing some on the day.
We were pleased then to be asked by Crayola to try out their game Doodle Delirium.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Review- Foame

We were recently asked to review a new construction toy called Foame; Initially I was a little unsure exactly what they were but I am so pleased we agree to review them!