Thursday, 20 September 2018

Be a Man's man and Man up!

The two phrases in this title really get on my nerves.
Growing up I had it and you can only assume that it was a sign of the times. However, I see it regularly in different aspects of my life and now see it with my children.

One of my first posts that really got shared and read as a blogger was called Gender Identities in Children. In the post, I shared how the boys like baking, cooking, playing with dolls and even having their nails painted. It didn’t bother me. It has never bothered me. If they like and want to do something then I am happy for them to do so. The way that I have seen it is “If it isn’t harming anyone then it isn’t a problem!”
Yet, for some unknown reason we, as a society, are still sharing with each generation and peers that boys things are for boys, girls things are for girls, that boys and men should “Man up” and men should be “Real Men: A Man’s man”.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Top UK Theme Parks for Small Children

We are in the school holidays once again and yet parents up and down the country are running out of ideas to keep the kids entertained. If you are looking for ideas for a good day out for your kids then a theme park is always a nice treat. If you have younger children and want to avoid the busy, more adult-focused theme parks then take a look at these ones that are aimed for toddlers and under-10s:

Gulliver’s World

There are three Gulliver’s theme parks in the UK – Warrington, Matlock (Bath) and Milton Keynes. The park is completely designed around children, so much so that adults are not allowed in without children accompanying them. There are some great rides for the older kids, including roller coasters and water slides but none of the big rides that they are too small to go on. For the toddlers, there is plenty to do too, with play areas and at Milton Keynes there is a farm park.

Legoland, Windsor Resort

Even if your kids are not huge fans of Lego, they are going to love Legoland. There are roller coasters, 4D interactive rides, water play areas and game zones to enjoy. There are also educational workshops, such as learning how to program robots. You can stay over at the Legoland hotel and make a real holiday out of your trip. Or if that sounds too expensive, you could take a look at other options like caravans in the local area. There are park homes for hire all around the UK, to help you to have a theme park holiday without the expensive hotel costs. Visit this website for more information.

Paultons Park (Peppa Pig World)

If your kids love Peppa Pig then they will love it at Paultons Park. It is located in the New Forest National Park and has loads of fun activities including rides, play areas, animals and birds, as well as a picturesque surrounding park to explore. Two new rides have just been opened and there are over 70 different rides and attractions to enjoy.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Whilst Blackpool Pleasure Beach has a lot going on for adult groups, it also has plenty for the younger children too. There is a separate area of the theme park especially for younger children and it is free for under 2s to enter the park. Nickelodeon Land has loads of exciting rides and things to do, plus characters like PAW Patrol and Spongebob Square Pants to meet. You can also have loads of fun in the games arcade with penny slots and other fun games to play if the weather is not too nice.

Thomas Land (Drayton Manor)

Drayton Manor is an exciting theme park that is suitable for all ages. Located in Staffordshire, the park has an area for younger children called Thomas Land and is themed around Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends. With over 100 rides and attractions, plus a 15-acre zoo, you will have a very busy day trying to see and do everything at the park.

You will also find a Dino Trail, crazy golf, indoor play area, a Thomas exhibition and a high ropes adventure area. There are even live shows that you can visit for some extra entertainment. In the school holidays, there is a Zoo Club where your kids can learn all about what it takes to be a zookeeper and includes a full day of activities.

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Friday, 3 August 2018

When you have to tell your children that you're psychotic!

For a long time now I knew a day would come that I would have to explain my mental health more to the children.
I have never hidden away the fact that I have mental health issues and many of you would know that I have spoken quite openly about it on this blog.

A Dependant Personality Disorder is a difficult thing to live with at times. Connections, relationships, routines, places and objects all become a place where I can create attachment and dependant ties. If one or more of these get changed or disrupted then it triggers the emotional instability within me.
Once triggered you suddenly feel emotions with greater ease, depth and for a longer time than others do. With the core characteristic of affective instability, which generally manifests as unusually intense emotional responses, and then with a slower return to a baseline emotional state that most people experience; whilst engaging in idealization and devaluation of others, alternating between high positive regard for people and great disappointment in them.