Monday, 21 October 2019

Mental Health and MEGAN

Since July I have been attending a new mental health support group.

MEGAN CIC is a local group in Medway, Kent.

Medway Engagement Group And Network was established in 2009 and became an independent community interest company 4 years later.

Their aim is to provide a voice for mental health users whilst providing opportunities for people who have or have had mental health issues. In their groups and sessions they allow you to share views and experiences of mental health services as well as any other service in your life.

In addition, they provide a safe and supportive opportunity for service users to share experiences and discuss issues of common concern in a relaxed and informal environment.

Saturday, 19 October 2019

Our Week in Home Ed

Home Ed this week has been really busy. 

We've had a week were we have had to fit life in around our lessons but we have, in some ways, managed to fit it in.

Friday, 18 October 2019

The Diagnosis that we were waiting for!

5 years ago we decided to withdraw William from school and home educate him.

It wasn't a decision that either of us took lightly. We thought deeply about his wellbeing and decided it would be for the best.

William didn't take to school. He was a stereotypical child who would do better outside of a schooled environment.

When he joined school in Reception he was top in the class academically. However, one whole academic year passes and everything had changed.
He had made no progress academically in that year and was subsequently near the bottom of the class, he was showing aggressive tendencies around other children and was screaming and fighting us every morning on the way to school.

Ultimately, the child in front of us was not the boy that his mum and I knew.