Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Pride goes before a Fall

My mum used to quote the title of this post to me regularly growing up and at the time I never really understood it.
Ultimately, too much confidence about your own abilities and something bad will happen showing you that you are not as good as you think.

When it comes to my disability I am always cautious. I look to find ways that make my life easier, safer and keep me able to do as much as possible. Either walking or in the wheelchair I take each step with caution; carefully watching and analysing the environment to know where I can go next.
When I was a teenager my mum told me that being disabled was not the end and that there was so much more to being me. This wasn’t for an ego boost but more to show me that I should never give up, that I can do and be more whilst not being defined by what I can’t do.

This has pretty much been the case since then. My disability doesn’t define me at all and I would hope my ability and tenacity to do more would be seen by anyone who knew me. However, all my long term readers of the blog would know that I have been slowly adapting my life over these last years to seek support and have more equipment to keep going; ultimately, swallowing my pride and realising that with the decline of my health I may need a bit of a boost.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Mother's Day 2018 - My Top 5 Mum Bloggers

I don’t talk about my mum much; I probably should but even after this time I still find it quite painful.
She was stern, hard and a force to be reckoned with. She came across as stubborn, strong willed and quite interfering.

Then there was her sweet and loving side. She would do absolutely anything for anyone even if that meant that she had to go the extra mile to help you out and show you that she cares.
I have spoken on here a few times now that I was adopted. Before I found my family I experienced what a bad mum truly was like. From knowing that as a child to then having a woman who literally defines the true meaning of what a mum should be shows a great comparison and it is because of this that I can spot the amazing mums a mile off!

Being in the world of blogging you see lots of mums doing their best so I decided that I would highlight my 5 top Mum bloggers; especially the ones that remind me of my mum. 

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

#FSHRareTalent for #RareDiseaseDay 2018

I decided a few of years ago that I should talk about my Muscular Dystrophy on the blog. It was something that I had briefly mentioned in my posts in passing but not in detail until people began to express an interest in it after meeting me at a blogging event, and seeing for themselves how it affects me.
Since then it has become a topic that I continue to talk about on here and I am always really proud of that.
Although many people may have heard of Muscular Dystrophy not many have heard of the particular strand that I had. FSHD gets its name because of the type of progressive loss of all skeletal muscle, where weakness is usually noticeable across facial (facio), back (scapulo), and upper arm (humeral) muscles.
Throughout the years I have tried to show my readership the highs and lows of living with it and bring a wider awareness of this horrible disease.