Friday, 15 December 2017

Review - JR Decal Mugs

This is going to be a slightly different Christmas here this year.
This is the first Christmas in the last 6 years that I would have been in a relationship and with that we, both the boys and myself as well as Hannah and the kids, will need to adapt what we do.
I have always been incredibly lucky to have the boys every Christmas since their mum and I separated.
The boys spend the majority of Christmas Eve with their mum, I pick them up Christmas Eve evening and we enjoy the following day together with them returning to their mum Boxing Day morning.
Although our tradition of watching the Muppets Christmas Carol and then bed ready for Santa we don’t have much else planned for the day.
However, as suggested above, this year will be different where we have adopted to some of the traditions that Hannah and her kids do too. Usually Christmas Eve they receive a nice pair of pj’s, a Christmas Eve box and enjoy a hot chocolate.
This didn’t seem a lot but it did seem like something we could easily adapt too. However, as Hannah and the kids haven’t moved in yet and just spending Christmas with us I wanted them to still keep their tradition and still feel at home; something as simple as having their own mug to drink from would make a big difference.
I was contacted not that long ago by the guys over at JR Decal to see if they wanted to work with us and I thought I would take advantage of that and see if they could help us in return.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Throwaway Thursdays #7

Here we are with another week on Throwaway Thursdays! The idea is to bring together 3 things that we don't like in something inside your house, something we do as humans and something in general and then throw them away, similar to Room 101.
Last week we featured the lovely Nat who had some great choices! So much that many were in agreement with her! This week I am happy to feature Dave from The Early Morning Club. Dave is new on the parenting scene as well as the blogging so he has kindly given an introduction to himself! "I’m Dave and I’ve recently become a Dad for the first time. I’ve started a blog called The Early Morning Club chatting about my parenting adventures and coming to the realisation that I’m just making it up as I go along."
With Dave being new I haven't had much time to get to know him but that said I have gone through his blog and read some great stuff that he has been posting for the last few months. He definitely puts some great content down on being a new dad and of which captures what it really is like; something that I try to forget sometimes! I especially enjoyed his take on choosing his sons name.
Now time to see what he would Throwaway this Thursday!

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Hofmeister Review and Win!

Growing up Christmas was a very busy time for our family. My dad, who owned and ran several milk rounds, had his Christmas stock and larger milk orders to cover the holiday period. My mum, despite helping organise stock for my dad, was working many shifts in a local social club.
With Mum working in a family friendly place my brother and I often accompanied her there and was under a watchful eye from her as well as many of the regulars who knew us well.

Growing up this meant that we were always around alcohol and seeing others enjoying having a drink this time of year. When we both turned 18 we too always enjoyed the festivities and then, at the end of the busier nights ,we would all sit down and enjoy a drink together; something we continued to do until mum passed away.
I was always a fan of the larger Hofmeister. It always had an enjoyable taste and when drunk responsibly a much deserved treat in the holidays.

However, that was many years ago. Sadly, Hofmeister ceased trading back in 2003 and the memories that I had were exactly that, memories; something I always continued doing every year after.
I was, understandably, quite surprised when I received an email discussing that Hofmeister was back if I was willing to try, review and potentially do a giveaway for them!