Monday, 5 February 2018

Cancer: An Update

Back in September I wrote about Dad and finding out he had Cancer for the second time. This time, as many will recall, he had double the amount in his throat; a lump either side.
At the time there was a lot of unknown and with it a lot of “possible” theories and outcomes from the consultant to allow us to brace ourselves for the future.

We were told that oropharynx cancer has two stages. The first, caught early and restricted to one place, can be treated with either Radiotherapy or Chemotherapy. The second stage, where it has spread to other places, is a bit more complicated and, to be honest, a little hazy.
It had remained unknown if the opposing throat lump was a secondary result and spread or a random act of “bad luck”. The third lump, above his neck and behind his ear, although a tumour came back as benign. What they made clear was that it wasn’t great news and ultimately it would result in a lot of difficult stages and months ahead.

The plan was to run a “Hail Mary pass”, with only a small and hopeful chance of success, of both Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy. This alone would mean that dad would lose weight, lose his hair and would make him lose his ability to taste. There was the risk that he may be too underweight already to cope with the treatment so they may have to stop it if it drops to dangerous levels. This treatment would make him tired and he would be left with severe pain.
This treatment ended in December.

Saturday, 3 February 2018

My Sunday Photo 04/02/18

One of our Home Ed topics this term is investigating rivers. Living alongside the River Medway meant we could take advantage of a walk along it and take in some of its features. 

I was lucky to grab a few photo's but these two stood out. 

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

A Month since I posted

It has been a month since I last posted.
It had almost been a month prior to that and the only thing that was keeping the blog going was the occasional My Sunday photo and my new guest post series “Throwaway Thursdays”.