Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Different perspective

I've been told in the past year that i have a lot of baggage.

People who have said this have classed my baggage as:

Having two children

Living with my dad, who is 74.

That, although I have two children, that I see them too much (not like most single dads)

That I have health issues concerning my mobility.

That I home school my eldest son.

That I go to church

And finally, that I work part-time when I can.

I find all of this strange as I don't see any of this as baggage.
Yes, I have two children, I'm 32 years old at my age i believe that it is expected to have had a life up to this point. That life lead me to having two small children. Continuing with point 3 and 5 with the children; of course I will see my children as much as I can,  I love them, they are the things most cherished to me. I have them Sunday mornings to Wednesday morning every week with split custody at 50/50. I know it is not like every single dad out there especially because I have an active role and interest in them and their lives. With the home schooling,  yes it is different and does therefore mean that time Will would be at school he is with me. But i truly believe that I am doing what is the up most best for my two boys.

Living with dad.  Well, again,  I can see why this is unusual for a man of my age. But the truth behind it is that when my mum passed away my dad was lost, needed help and company so I took the role on. Leading me to have a better relationship with him as well as dad having a better relationship with the boys.

Yes I work part time but with the above you can see that my time is split,  so to support my children and family i need to work.  None of this though limits my free time,  i still do things of interest as well as having a social life.

I go to church for many different reasons. I completely get if you don't or have no starting point to see why I would. But don't make assumption about me because of it. I don't make those assumptions about you.

And then finally,  my health issues. Yes i agree why this is a difficult pill to swallow mentally and physically.  But I don't need care or support. I personally as well as my friends see this as a wonderful thing.  Despite my health issues I do all the above. My boys, work and not claim support,  give company to my father and still socialise.

My so called baggage is my life. The more I get older the more so called baggage I have. It's life. Instead look at me for the things I do despite the baggage. Find these things as admirable. Respect it. And respect the man in front of you. It won't change because this is my life. The life I lead, and although things are not always how I want them,  it is a life that I'm happy with.

If, and I mean if,  you can get your mind past this and see the person in front of you ask questions and actually get to know the guy. So many people don't they start conversation and then stop, but if you can overcome the awkward bits you might find a decent like minded person.

If we didn't wouldn't life be boring looking at clones of people.

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