Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Home Schooling Part 3

The home schooling is going really well still, I couldn't be happier.

I'll start by running through what we've been doing:

We have continued to do well in Literacy,  William is always engaging in the topic, which for the last 3 weeks has been, List, Labels and Captions. He has good, relevant suggestions and ideas, creating some brilliant pieces of work. This week we've been looking at menus, as these show lists, labels and captions. Today we created a menu that covered our breakfast, lunch and dinner.  He loved this, was really pleased that he created a menu and for me this bodes well for tomorrow when he actually makes a complete menu with pictures,  lists and captions.
The only thing that  worries me with literacy is  his handwriting. He does what all boys his age do and it is incredibly messy. His spelling and mental phonics is great. Yet because his handwriting is messy it's difficult to see the ability that he is showing. I'll see if there are any online activities for this.

Numeracy still continues to be a struggle but the fun activities and games have been working so his ability is showing, despite the fact it's not always written.

His free topics have been my favourite to see.

We've covered  geography 'our local area' and looked at our address,  sent letters to family. We've studied, discussed and photographed and written sentence about different types of houses, as well as shops. The activity book looks fuller and appears to be more work than what a child his age would do in class yet it is clearly free, outside activity and one that he is enjoying and engaging brilliantly in.

This has been the same for History. Although the topic has been 'now and then'

We chose to do a topic over 3/4 weeks. The first topic has been  Healthy living.  Again, this topic has been engaging,  free yet has accomplished a lot of work from: exercises,  cleanliness,  eating healthily, making a healthy sandwich, picnic and a healthy smoothie.

Overall it is still going really well.

My biggest concern is joining up with other home educators. I know his mum has done this but William and I have yet to do this. I don't know if this has anything to do with the 'anti dads' feeling I get from groups and forums.  But my target for next weeks update is to be part of a meet up, or at least have one in the pipeline.

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