Monday, 13 October 2014

Home schooling Part 6

So we are coming into our 6th week of home schooling and although things are still going well it has also started changing.

It's difficult for me to look at change and determine if it is a change for good or bad. What I am certain of is that it is still change.

Lesson progress is going well.

Each sub topic in literacy has engaged William and he is showing some ability to retain and progress through his learning,  albeit not consistently. He is engaged clearly with mental discussions and ideas and subsequently shows that he understands the sub topic.  When it comes to the written part of the work he will show his understanding once or twice but them complains that he is 'tired'. A few things have come through:
1, I am use to the I'm tired answer from class teaching.  This usually stems from the child feeling that they've proved the point of their learning and have become 'bored'.
2, The beauty of home schooling is that we can change the work to make it more engaging.
3, I have constantly been reminding myself that if he shows some understanding in mental and written work that the understanding is key not the quantity of work.

This has continued a long the same level in numeracy but luckily in both subjects ive changed the topic of work enough to include ict to 'engage' again.

His topics, as with his base subjects,  have progress rapidly. Interestingly, he is producing a far higher level of quality and quantity of work than expected.

I, as some of you know if you've been following these posts, have found it difficult to socialise and be a part of other home schooling groups. Ultimately I decided to stop seeking integration with other home educators and start just seeing what we can do and subsequently this has proven well.

Last week William attended a 'sit and read' session within our local library. This was followed by a lego club supported by the library.  I found this ideal. Not only have the library engaged children to read but also drawn them in by a friendly activity.

As you can see he loved it.  Socially interacted with other children his age and some of the same gender.  He enjoyed it so much that we are going back this week. 

I've also managed to organise a trip. Sadly for me that it isn't themed with a topic but I thought it still beneficial as a educational trip. That is to the PDSA as a invite to explore and understand. This is booked for the 21st of this month. 

The change, mentioned above,  has happened independently from his learning suiting his wish for a more engaging lesson.  It has also changed because I have stopped being single minded on a certain way things should be and subsequently it has become a positive impact to our schooling plans. If it will be good then only time will tell.

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