Sunday, 19 October 2014


I have just spent the afternoon with the boys playing with lego. We spent a few hours building, destroying and then remaking. Loved every second of it. This, however, is a normal afternoon/playing session for us. I am quite against filling my children's time by the use of technology for fun.

Over the years I have invested in imaginative toys; whether it be action figure, a kitchen set, home making corner,  books or lego. Something that we can all participate in and use our imagination for. I'm not completely against them using technology,  as I am fully aware of how important it is for them to keep up with technology and it's use, it does play an important role in not only their own understanding but also within their education. However, that being said, I am aware that at their mums house they are embraced with technology. They have an x box, wii,  iPad and have access to iPhones and laptops. For me this is too much, especially if it is then duplicated with me.

At church this more, following the theme of being generous, we were reminded that Jesus took the time to be with others,  his generosity was seen through his love for people through their relationships, which is only formed through the time spent with other. I understand that for people who are not church goers that they may see this as irrelevant,  but after the afternoon I have had, following the morning, I think it's completely relevant.

We are living in an 'I' world. With iPhones, iPads, ilaptops (macbooks) iPads,  iwatch and the list goes on. Does anyone else see the common point? It's the i.  I'm aware that this goes for all apple products but my concern is how much we centre around I now rather than us or we. Social media supports it; Facebook ability to write a status is "whats on your mind? " Twitter is slightly more approachable with "what's happening? " but again it's centred around 1 person. But is this really surprising when you consider the world and techno world we live in? A world with selfies, instagram sharing our selfies.

Have you ever seen that person at a party, or even in a crowd, that when they are there, it is a "HERE I AM" type of person? or How often do you start telling the person in front of you a story about something that has happened to you, to then hear the person to jump in the middle of your conversation and go " Yes, I know exactly what you are talking about, this one time with me" Your friend has a story that relates to yours and the topic of your event suddenly gets dropped and is now focused on the event of your friends! We have all been in that scenario, we have all probably been that friend. Does it bother you as much as it bothers me? Of course it does, we are a society where we are now finding it more and more uncomfortable to talk to others and to relate to them. We are brought up to find mutual ground, to find some connective with the person in front of us to put us to ease in this on going distant techno - relationships world. So, instead of being a person who keeps the conversation on to themselves, try to be a "There you are" person and ask a simple question when talking with a friend....."Tell me more!" These three words could change the world.

How often have you allowed someone to talk about something you have enquired about, they often feel happy and will have a smile on there face. Tell me more.

God is interested in all of us, all of us on an individual level, we too should be this interested in others, be open to all because God is in all of us and He loves us all. Show the world this and ask the question and make a statement. Tell me more.

Tell me more is a simple practice,  when someone is talking ask for more, take a valuable interest in that person. It can't do any harm can it?

Taking less time with the I in ourselves, put down the technology and look about, spend time with people, your family, play and talk. And remember tell me more the power of an attentive listener is a massive thing. 

I've witnessed it with my children, their imagination is fantastic with In depth details and subplots and more importantly they know I'm interested and not just agreeing with them from  above my phone etc.

So I'm creating something new. A 'USie' gone are the days with just me in a picture. It will now be with people I love and have a vested interest in. 

So follow our lead. Drop the tech when you can use tell me more. And when you get the opportunity take a USie.  

C.S Lewis once said "Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less"

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