Thursday, 5 March 2015

When your Camera isn't put away!

I recently bought a new Digital Camera; this wasn't really a item of need, especially with having the phone, but decided with the luck I have with breaking or damaging my phone that it was worth having a device as a back up; even if it could be used to help me to continue to Blog!

My two lovely Boys do have a habit though of sneaking a way to getting as many 'Daddy' items as possible. Although this is frustrating I have got into the habit of hiding anything that could break or of monetary value out of their reach.

So you can all imagine how shocked I was when I went to download out latest Home School work to find these photos!

So I present to you a Secret life of William and James on camera: 

These two photos were taken by James. It is fairly easy to tell who because of the sock that he is wearing. These two were also taken from James 'spot' on the sofa.
I can only presume that this was to document the fact that they had destroyed the living room again after I had tidied it up.

These pictures were taken by William. Again, the position of the photos align with his 'spot' on the sofa. He also has let slip his two common traits.

1: His want for, another item of mine, my grabber. He is often caught with it in his hand and the fact that it is by his feet and not in it's correct 'home' would imply that he has done it again.
2: His love for our dog Samson (In fairness Samson was bought and given as a 'birthday present' for him)
The last photo is a new revelation to me though! He has taken a picture of my blanket of which he is clearly using!!

The last and final picture is below:

Now although both boys, obviously, deny using Daddy's camera it is pretty apparent from the above photos that they each had a go. However; I think I may need to have a word with them about incriminating themselves with selfies!


Kim Carberry said...

hehehe! Well and truly caught out. Great photos though

Unknown said...

Busted boys lol :)

Great pics though

Daniel Sexton said...

Ha I was definitely surprised when these were uploaded!! Lol can't escape Daddy finding out!

Daniel Sexton said...

Haha I know right! Love how they completely deny it too!! Gotta love them! Good photos to see what they do!

Gary Mathews said...

This is great! All those shenanigans you probably pulled at that age are now coming full circle! Isn't being a parent fun!!!!!

Daniel Sexton said...

Thanks Gary!! I know right! Karma is definitely in full swing! Love how they did it sneakily but then was in full denial at the same time. I had to walk away and laugh as it was difficult to keep a straight face when they couldn't explain how they had their faces in it!

BattleMum said...

Brilliant post. Little rascals haha!

Daniel Sexton said...

Thanks Battle Mum! Haha yes they are! Got to love them!

Anonymous said...

Nothing is sacred anymore!! Lovely boys eye view of the world :) #bigfatlinky

Daniel Sexton said...

Lol thanks! I know right it's definitely a good insight into their world.

Kimmie said...

lol. Could have been worse! At least their antics were harmless. Sweet captures - lovely post. :)