Friday, 29 May 2015

Arts and Crafts - A Stone Cactus

We love all things Arts and Crafts but it is one of those topics that we don’t spend enough time doing and only under the principle of “We can fit it in anywhere” but the reality is that we don’t do enough of it.

What we seem to do is suddenly have a binge art session like we did with our topic of Castles
Each time we have done this we feel great for just exploring what our imaginations could do. This was until we went to Re-Creation last month.

That little corner or art heaven in London opened up both mine and William’s imagination and if I am honest we have both been itching to do something new.
I have since put a few things in place to make sure that we spend more creating time in Home School and we are looking at regularly attending Re-creation but there was still this urge to stop everything and just create one afternoon.

Following our Bank Holiday Weekend we managed to grab some large pebbles off of the beach with the intention to do something with them.
Luckily Michaela from Muddy Puddles and Glitter sent me a picture plan of a stone cactus that we could do.
(We had a previous conversation to how obsessed William had become with Cacti recently)


 So that was it, we had a plan, we had resources and we had the urge to craft!

We thought we would take you through a step by step guide to making this:


Paint; Green and White
A Garden Pot

Pot Filler

Get some large pebbles and make sure they’re clean of dirt and sand.


Choose a selection of Pebbles and paint them green.

(William’s little tip here is to use a hair dryer to dry them because he didn’t want to wait)

Make sure both sides are painted; of you wanted to vary the colour tone then add white to your mix and paint the odd pebble differently.

With a small paintbrush paint small dots or crosses across your green pebbles.
(William also drew lines joining the dots up on a couple of the larger pebbles)

Find a large pot and fill it with your choice of material; Soil, Sand, Pebbles or Wood chip are all affective.
Dig a whole where you would like to place you stones and arrange accordingly. Make sure you push the material up close to stabilize the pebbles to prevent them from falling over!


You should then have a finished stone Cactus!
We really loved doing this and we even had some Pebbles left over of which William came up with another idea to how we could use them!












Unknown said...

Flipping heck that is seriously impressive! Will borrow this idea for school!

Martyn Kitney said...

Thanks mate. You should definitely try it. We have some different stone crafts coming. And so easy to do.