Wednesday 21 October 2015

Home School - Literacy - Making a Dragon

We have been investigating Fairy tales as part of our Literacy this half term. 

One of the features the boys picked up on was that with some fairy tales there is usually something that needs to be overcome; in the Boys words "Something is always beaten".

On our trip to the library we came across some classic stories that featured Dragons as the object that needed to be overcome.

A knight in shinning armour defeats the dragon and rescues the princess. Despite the stereotypical format of these stories it did show that there is usually a plot turn that allows our main character to achieve their given goal.

It was great that the boys understood the change in the stories and could recognise that there would be a hurdle to overcome.

However, Home School  teaching often has a way of throwing you a curve ball and that is usually shaped in the way of the children who are learning. What seemed to happen was that the Boys became obsessed with Dragons and Dragon fighting.

They spent their free time with their 'How to Train a Dragon' toys battling each other. At dinner time they were having in depth conversations about what colour dragons are, what each one can do and ultimately if they can be beaten. My boys suddenly became Dragon mad!

There seemed only one thing I could do: We made a Dragon!


Using some cardboard tubes, old boxes, glue and some paint we tried to make our Dragon. 

1. We had a short and long tube each and painted them both green. (Or any colour you wish)

2. Using the cardboard I drew and then cut out wings and feet. The boys then continued by painting these green.

3. Using some peach sugar paper William, and then James, wanted to put some patches on their dragons. Using oval shapes they cut each out and then stuck two on the longest tube and one on the smallest.

4. Measuring just over half of the longest tube cut 3/4 of the way through so you have an attaching T shape.

5. Using glue attach the wings and feet to you tubes. (James needed some help on direction of the wings)

6. Using some more sugar paper we made spikes to go on to the back of the tubes. The Boys then cut sections to fold and attach with glue.

(We found that cutting these into smaller sections made it easier to attach)

7. Either using some stick on eyes or draw your own and attach them to the head.

You should then have some finished Dragons.

The Boys really enjoyed making these and it helped continue their ideas of Dragons. Although these are loosely adapted to suit our Literacy topic it was good to have some connection and allow the boys to lead their learning.

The only thing that we couldn't work out was how to attach the tail part so if you have some suggestions we would love to hear them!

So what do you think of our Dragons?

Do you deviate off topic allow your children to lead the way?


Kim Carberry said...

Those dragons are fab! You are so creative!

Elise said...

Wow what fab dragons! My youngest son loved dragons for such a long time, he has collected so many in all different forms but mainly the Schleich ones. I really miss the Fairy Tales here !

Daniel Sexton said...

Thanks Kim! Was really a lat minute thought. But the boys really enjoyed it.

Daniel Sexton said...

Aw that's cool! My two haven't yet started collecting anything. I'd love it to be something cool like dragons! Oh I bet you do. I enjoy them at the moment whilst it lasts.