Saturday, 30 January 2016

RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch

Every year the RSPB do a Big Garden Birdwatch. A lot of schools participate in this; this is actually how I knew of it.

If you want to join in then it is aimed to start today and last a couple of days.

As a house with a dog we felt that we should entice the birds over this week to start revisiting our garden. We decided to make bird feeders, fill two different types of shop bought feeders and make a feeding tray.

We discussed and considered a few things:

1: We wanted to see if we could entice as many birds on the websites list; big and small. We subsequently chose food that suited all types of birds.

2: When choosing our food we decided that we would be kind and cautious to our neighbours and our local area;  we didn't choose any product that contained nuts. (Birds can carry their food over a fair distance, cross contamination could put others at risk!)

3: We decided to use, as mentioned above, a range of feeders; bought and home made.

4: We thought that making them in the afternoon and subsequently putting them out in the evening would entice the early bird.

Here are some photos of the start of our project:

Using Bird seed, lard, bread and Millwork we mixed it up altogether in a bowl. 

Filling a shop bought feeder.

An all purpose tray for big and small birds.

Hanging the different feeders.

William said he loved this and he can't wait to do more on this topic. He was happy that he chose different places to put the feeders as he thinks that some big birds will scare the little ones away!

James enjoyed the mess but is convinced we shall see some parrots!

The boys loved making the fat, bread and seed balls; they completely loved making them, especially because it's messy!

His final thought, echoed by me, this is very messy maybe we should have made them outside; why don't I ever learn from this each year?

Are you guys taking part?


Unknown said...

We are not but have fun boys :)

Jenny said...

We are taking part too, but I forgot to buy lard to make seed balls so just going old school and putting bread on the grass/snow and a tray of seeds. We only get a few common types of birds, but the boys are getting good at recognising them from the RSPB poster. :)
Hope you see your parrot!

Martyn Kitney said...

Thanks Al! I'm sure we will!

Martyn Kitney said...

Ah that's a shame about the lard! I bought too much of it! Lol well done for still doing it though! Although common I hope you see lots!

Plutonium Sox said...

Ah, that's interesting. Libby decided to donate her charity money from last week and this week to help birds, so we put some money in the pot to help buy food for the birds at Croome National Trust. It seems like a great time to look into what we can do to help the birds in our garden so I'll check out the big garden bird watch too. Thanks for the info :)