Monday, 29 February 2016

Week 3 #40DayBloggingChallenge

This week, as many of you know, has been exceptionally hard on me. It has brought both anger and sadness and in many ways has rocked our little world.

It is then hard to find the positive in a week that has brought a lot of negativity but within that it highlights for me an even greater reason to continue with my Lent Challenge of sharing posts from others, spreading some love and highlighting bloggers for the great work that they do!

Like last week I decided to theme this weeks blogger so created a grouping of bloggers who run Linkys and some of my more favourite ones.

Day 11

To start the week I decided to stick to featuring a Dad per week and in that chose Nigel from DIY Daddy Blog.

Nigel is a Dad to 5 children of varied ages, two of which are Twin Girls. His blog is varied and talks about a range of parenting from all aspects of being a Dad to him. This is added to his Home Decoration and DIY. A great guy and a good blogger to follow as he seems to always be around to offer support in any form, even if it is just sharing your posts. He also Hosts the Linky Binky Linky with his wife on a Friday.

My featured post is about If you wanted a Boy or Girl when you were expecting. I found it interesting as initially I wanted girls before I had the boys but because everything went smoothly it seemed like something that was normal to consider. This post puts a slight twist on it; having the girls through IVF was a blessing and it didn't really cross his mind other than the fact that they were healthy.

Day 12

Well it made sense that if I featured Nigel I should feature his wife Emily from Twin Mummy and Daddy.

Emily is the second half of this blogging duo and despite this you will find that she offers a completely different blog to Nigel. Apart from offering the Mum point of view Emily has also documented the journey through the IVF treatment and beyond with the twin girls. She has almost been blogging as long as I have but she has done much more in that time and really has her corner of blogging covered.

My featured post from Emily is Why Gender shouldn't define who you want to be. I loved this post as I couldn't agree more with it as James defies the "rules" of gendered toys and activities and I will only encourage his wishes. I have always found it both interesting and amazing that the Twin Girls offer two different likes of what they enjoy.

Day 13

Well when I am featuring great bloggers and those who run Linkys it made sense that I featured Stevie from a Cornish Mum.

Apart from being one of the nicest bloggers I have met she also has a great sense of humour and tolerates my joking! (Please note that I use the word tolerates!) You will find that she writes about Parenting and with a strong focus on being a Mum to her eldest who has Type 1 diabetes and of course Cornwall but in truth you will find anything that peaks her interest. She also runs 2 linkys. 10 Things which is a monthly and Pick and Mix which is also open on a Friday.

My featured post is an Open Letter to Eastenders regarding their attitude to Diabetes. It is sad that openly joking about it is even acceptable, let alone on a prime time show like this!

Day 14

I decided that I would feature Tracey from The Anxious Dragon. Made sense to feature Tracey as we have a lot in common, especially our geeky nature. She suffers periodically from both Depression and Anxiety which I can relate to but to counter this in some ways she hosts two linkys A bit of everything and Happy Diaries which, like this, is a good way to focus on the good in the week. This aside she loves books and is a fellow Whovian which is always a winner in my books!

My featured post made me laugh really hard. Its a great post that parodies the song Tub Thumping that also mixes in parenting.

Day 15

The final day of the week features Emma from Brummy Mummy of 2. Emma writes about a range of topics from the highs and lows of parenting her 2 children. I included Emma mostly because I LOVE her linky Wicked Wednesdays. Its primarily a photo linky that highlights the harder part of being a parent such as strops and tantrums on supermarkets to putting food on the plate incorrectly causing a parenting fail!

My featured post is The 10 Commandments of the Play date. This really had me laughing out loud because it not only highlights the true reality of play date etiquette but written in a comical way. Definitely a must read!

That is this weeks Lent challenge round up. I hope you have enjoyed the bloggers that have been featured as much as I have. See you next week!


A Cornish Mum Blog said...

Thank you so much Mr K for mentioning me .... I'll tolerate you a bit more now ;) also in great company :)


brummymummyof2 said...

Ah thanks for the inclusion lovely! x

Martyn Kitney said...

Hahaha thanks I think!

Martyn Kitney said...

You're more than welcome.