Friday, 18 March 2016

Blogging Awards and a Little Request

It seems to be that time where the Blogging awards are now open and with that you will get people seeking nominations.

Last year I had no idea about the awards or what the protocol was for asking bloggers for nominations. So I just sat back and watched it all unfold.

This year I have decided to do that shameless things and ask for you to consider me for nominations. 

I had decided to sit back and just watch until a blogger and friend had messaged me informing me that they have nominated me in these topics and subsequently told me why they thought I was deserving of it.

I honestly hadn’t considered that I was even noticeable let alone deserving.

I have read and investigated the different awards and the categories that go with them.

MADs (Mummy and Daddy Awards) Organised by Tots100

I looked closely here and I think there could be a few categories that I could “fit” into but have decided to actually consider my blog and its individual goal: Education shouldn’t just be 9 – 3 and with that show areas of fun family life with a schooled twist for anyone with family the same age. 

With this is mind I really would love if you nominated the blog in the Best School Days Blog Category.

The forms here are quite straightforward. You just put the URL of the blog that you think is deserving and click okay to complete.
BIBs (Brilliance in Blogging) organised by Britmums.

It has been suggested by the above mentioned blogger that amongst the array of categories that I should ask to be considered for the Inspire category.

I know I have openly and candidly written about the deepest and darkest areas of both my physical and mental health and how it affects me as a person and as a parent but what does seem to be apparent is that many of you respect me for what I do. Not quite sure if this makes me inspiring though.

I have never stopped and allowed any of my limitations to come between giving all I can to the boys. 

Personally I believe we all parent differently and play on our strengths but I suppose that is what makes each of us great. One thing I do know, if it wasn't without all the support rhat you have given me over this last 18 months then I would have struggles even more with it.

The application is a little more tricky for the BIBs but if you do consider me then you can use this criteria.

Blog Name: Inside Martyn’s Thoughts

Bloggers Twitter ID: @mr_kitney

Bloggers Email:

Why do you feel this blogger deserves to win?: Well I’ll let you decide ;)

URL of your favourite post: This is obviously your choice but some of my popular ones that might be useful if you do consider it are MyMuscular Dystrophy, I’m Sacred it might be Time or I have never felt so vulnerable

Obviously this is all your choice if you believe I am worthy enough. We all have our own choices and decisions so there is never any offence given or taken. There are literally thousands of amazing blogs and bloggers out there but if you do consider mine then I would really appreciate it.


Tots 100 Awards