Sunday, 3 April 2016

Review - Worry Eaters

If you have been following our Home School topic “All about Me” you will know that we recently spent time looking at our self-esteem in a hope to allow positive reinforcement to our character; we looked at what makes us a Lion.
It was important to me to study this with the boys. With the varied mental health difficulties I have low self-esteem is one of them. This is often coupled with anxieties, mostly social anxiety.
Having anxiety is horrible; my chest tightens, my heart races and I worry about things that, in the grand scheme of things, are minor. Yet, at the time the worry that I have seems massive.
It is difficult enough to cope with these as an adult and one thing that crosses my mind is if the boys grew up to have the same issues.
With the aspect of self-worth and self-esteem, lessons like our Lion project will establish a good grounding for the boys but what about anxiety?

I was pleased then to be contacted to review Saggo the Worry Eater.

Worry Eaters are based on Gerd Hahn’s animation, Sorgenfresser. They are a collection of plush toys that aid the promotion for letting go of your fears and worries.
Saggo is one of four (Bill, Betti, Saggo and Om) Purses or small bags made in a cuddle and soft fabric that makes them perfect for children to feel comfortable with.

Apart from the use to carry and collect items as small purses or bags, they can also be used as pencil cases.
The Worry Eater aim is to use these to help battle nightmares, fears and worries rather than them growing inside our little ones. The child would write, draw or suggest something that can be put into the mouth and then for it to be zipped up and placed safely away; releasing and letting go the worry.

We, as parents, can use this discreetly to help promote and reinforce positivity to the child and hopefully help them overcome the issue before it becomes too much. It allows a route to communication that may be missed otherwise; something that I have noticed with James as he often has difficulty explaining his worries.
I would hope that using these you could see that it helps parents and children promote good communication as well as allowing children to relinquish worries that they might be too scared to vocalise.
I spent some time introducing Saggo to the boys and explaining what he is here for. It was nice to see that they felt comfortable with me there to express what worried them so we could then place the worries over to him. I can see that this could be a daily activity to help vanquish anything negative on their mind.  

If you were looking at a way to help communication and install a child friendly product to aid good self-esteem and a way to battle anxiety I would recommend trying out a selection of these characters.

(I was given this product for free to review. My opinions are my own and I am under no obligations to give a positive review. Please see my full disclosure at the bottom of my blog)

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