Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Home School - Rivers, Streams and Beaches (And another cheeky request!)

We have started a new Home School topic about rivers, streams and beaches.

We have already taken some time to visit our local river (The River Medway) and one of our local beaches.

With this we have been looking at a few different features and collecting different materials that we have found there.

The objectives for this topic our simple:
  • To locate a variety of places at home
  • To find places on a map
  • To recognise features of places
  • About the location of other places
  • Use a variety of resources to investigate rivers, streams and beaches

Now, like most of our Home School topics, I like to add an extra twist to it and make it far more enjoyable for both the Boys. But what could I do?

Last year we did a topic on Maps and different locations and it was lovely to get so many people, friends and blogging friends, to join in by sending us postcards

I thought that we could try that again with this project!

We still have our map so can reuse it and create a new one within this specific topic. 

So William, James and I have a request: We are looking for pictures of rivers, streams and/or beaches near you. 

All you have to do is take a photo and either post it on our Facebook page or send it to us as a tweet! I will then print these off and we will add them to the map.  All we ask to accompany the photos is a location of town, village and county so we can investigate exactly where it is.  

We at this point can investigate exactly what it is like there but any additional information would also be appreciated like the type of beach of the surroundings of the river.  Like last time, we will drop you a thank you and tag you in our finished map post.  

So what do you think? Could you help us again with this topic?

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