Sunday, 8 May 2016

Sunny Days

This week hasn't been the greatest especially with the variety of things that have happened with my health.

That being said I am not one to sit and allow the negativity to hit me and then wallow in it for too long; the boys make sure they keep me on my toes and make me get going again before I get the chance to!

With that in mind I wanted to look at the positive of this week and there's only one real thing that has shone through; the Sun has come out to play!

Just a little over a week ago this was on my Facebook:

Near enough 24 hours apart and I had the difference between snow and the most beautiful sky!

One thing that I love about the fact that we Home School is that we can fully take advantage of the weather if and when we want to. Don't get me wrong, we have still been continuing with our morning work of Literacy and Numeracy but our afternoon activities have been quite slack.

Sometimes it is good to just take a break. I think with my own health problems this week that my body was telling me to rest more, so it just made sense that we did the same.

So instead of writing some uplifting positive post that would make you all feel sick with the candy heart shapes fluttering before your eyes I thought I would show you our sunny week in pictures!


Sunday we enjoyed our local Sweeps Festival and although I have done a post on it, here are a few of my favourites!

Morris Dancers and Ice-cream in the sunny castle gardens; was perfect.


Monday we tried to start our Rivers and Beaches project but did get a tad distracted!

It did cloud over a bit here but when we got home:


Think it is fair to skip Tuesday, don't you?


Wednesday was all about the fun at the park with our scooters!

Thursday was about the park:


Fridays are always the day of the week that are dedicated to me and time to rest and recover and there was no better way of doing that then sitting in the garden, cuppa in hand and my copy of Watership Down to read, right under my neighbours beautiful tree!


Saturdays are always the day where I work both in the morning teaching and the afternoon blogging/writing. Not much fun to be had but this was the view that I had on my way home:

The warmer weather is definitely upon us now and I really do hope that it stays around for longer. It has made a difference to both the boys and my mental health and happiness. It has allowed us to have some freedom and fun and soak up the lovely area that we live in.

Have you had sunny skies this week? Have you taken advantage of it?

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