Thursday, 29 September 2016

Why can't I finish my posts?

I am going to do that post that always seems to hit most bloggers; I have writers block!

This isn’t about what to write because I have lots of topics that I want to cover. This isn’t about the motivation to blog because that has continued to be the same (somewhere in the middle) and this isn’t about finding time to write because that is also the same as normal where I don’t have time to write but I somehow manage to post regularly.
It is literally the ability to string two words together and then to form one sentence that is followed by another that makes it viable for a blog post. I know what many of you are thinking, “That’s nothing new” and you would be correct but this seems worse than normal.

I sit and I start writing a post and end up stopping because the direction seems to disappear and I feel lost within where I was heading with it; I subsequently have 11 half written posts in my drafts like this and 7 half written home education.
I am not too sure why either apart from playing the busy life card and admitting that I am a bit emotionally up and down because of it.

As always there’s probably some routed mental health stuff at play. I am in the mix of a mental health upheaval (this is one of the half written posts) and am battling and winning my way through that.
I also have a new housemate in the form of Ben aka Fatmanfatworld and consequently there has been a lot of change around within the flat and, as we know with my D.P.D, that’s left me a bit muddled (this is one of the half written posts)

Then we have the reason for Ben living with me in the first place which I have to get my head around (this is one of the half written posts) and a separate one on dealing with a side of a person that you didn’t know existed (this is one of the half written posts)
My head, therefore, is all over the place and there are moments when I don’t know if I am up, down, left or right and dealing with feelings that I haven’t really had to deal with for a long time. So understandably even if I try to formulate how I feel in words I just end up stumbling where nothing sounds right and even if I try hard it seems like it’s always wrong.

My head and emotions are in a place of limbo, the boys are just stereotypical boys (Although I should appreciate this. Must be better than them being a nightmare) and I am in the middle of a big and positive change in my life.
But why then can’t I write this all out like I normally do? And, why do I seem to get half way through and not finish what I started?

I have seen many bloggers write posts that give ways to get over it like writing posts “6 reasons why I write…..” and “write like…” and that is usually great if you struggle to find things to write about but that isn’t the case here. I also don’t like to play the standard blogger card and produce content that isn’t the normal style for me which those types of posts aren’t, so what can I do?
All suggestions to keep my unique style but equally get through this writing half post thing I’ve got going on is kindly welcome! Hopefully with your help I can continue writing my normal nonsensical content as soon as possible!

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