Monday, 28 November 2016

10 Reasons why I won't be the next Top Blogger

I love blogging and all of the fun that goes with it.
Earlier this year I wrote a post about being a persistent blogger and with that I tried to just advise that the best thing for people who write a blog or are thinking about starting one is not to care about the fact that they want to have posts read by thousands of people every single day but instead should just write because they want to.

I have been lucky as a blogger. I have been nominated for awards, been in a finalists in one. I am “high” in some recognised blogging charts. I get, in my opinion, a good number of people reading daily. I have written for 2 different magazines, appeared on television twice and have been interviewed on the radio 5 times this year alone. I also have reviewed restaurants, venues and “must have” toys.
So you may then be thinking that it is easy for me to say “be a persistent blogger and write because you want to” because I have done “well”. This might be true but the big revelation is that it HASN’T actually changed anything and I still haven’t “made it”; a fact that I continue not to bothered about.

I haven’t suddenly been gifted by the book gods to write a bestseller or been accepted to create my own home ed Youtube Channel. Yet, I am perfectly happy with where I am and am miles away from being the next top blogger.
I thought I would have some tongue in cheek fun , highlight my struggles and list 10 reasons why I won’t be!

1. Time
I just don’t have the time to actually sit and write and commit to producing posts that are readable. I think people forget that it takes a lot of free time to do it all. I did consider flying around the earth a few times like Superman did but I feared that I would a) be revealing the fact that I am not really disabled b) disappointed that the physics involved might not actually change time but cause environmental problems instead!

2. I rarely do numbered posts
Numbered posts annoy me and not because of the blogger! I always love the fact that people can commit to ten things I loved about Sundays or ten ways to make sandwiches for packed lunch etc. They are fantastic and informative posts but I always feel the pressure; I get to my 9th point and then get writers block. (Before anyone says “do 9 things instead” I would but I get writers block at 8. I just can’t commit to a number)

3. Commenting
I struggle with comments on my blog and it all depends on what kind of day or week I am having. I appreciate comments and I can see the importance of comments on posts as it is nice to receive a good comment for your hard work and looks good when PRs look at your site but it’s just another thing that I don’t have time for. Do you think Superman went back in time a lot?

4. Quality of Writing
Have you read my posts and seen my writing? Their r glaring errors through out and it makes shoddy reeding at best of times!!!! Im ok witnh it though know one really notices, right?

5. Too repetitive
I struggle with ideas and suddenly one pops into my mind and I think “Oh, that is a fab idea” then I start writing and realise that some of my sentences are familiar to me and then realise that I have written those sentences before in another post. Or, there are the repetitive points actually in my posts where I say the same statement just in a different way just to get my point across!

6. Commenting
I like comments on my blog but I struggle with them too. It is nice to receive a good comment for your hard work and looks good when PRs look at your site but I also wonder what it looks like when you see hashtags from comment swap groups and linkys that you have joined in with.

7. Directed Posts
I haven’t written certain posts yet that all the best bloggers seem to write. Such like sleep deprivation, my stance on breastfeeding or even a post about how you will never be a top blogger

I tend to write about Home Ed, food and random things that pop into my mind that have very little presence in SEO.
8. Bragging

I don’t brag and it isn’t something I do a lot. If I have experienced anything good it rarely features on the blog and especially not in a reflective post about that experience.  There won’t be a big reveal or an “I’m excited to share that” posts on here. I just don’t understand how to fit these into the post.
9. Tagging

I am absolutely terrible at tagging people in posts and on social media. I don’t normally tag people if I have a post that I want retweeted or shared but instead go for hope that someone will read it and share it. I am rubbish in the posts too! If I have read a post that I think fits perfectly and should tag someone in it I forget; totally selfish! Good thing I don't want to start any campaigns as they would never set off! 
10. (Please see point 2)

We all blog for different reasons but I know most people just do it for fun without pressing on to be the best. In the meantime, like me, let’s rejoice in the things that we do including the mistakes and just carry on doing what we love.
What are the points that stop you from being the next top blogger?

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