Monday, 19 December 2016

Playground Blogging

Here I am with a massive list of things that I need to do on this blog from reviews, activities, home education and Christmas. It is one of those things that happen at this time of year and we, as bloggers, are often rather hectic.
However, instead of sitting here and catching up on something on the list I am going to write a different post, one that is relevant for me and one that is unexpected to need to write: school playground of blogging. 
I have written a couple of times about negativity in blogging and I fear that it is something that I will end up writing about it again. Yet, although I have witnessed it, I have rarely been involved directly.
The thing is that I tend to live in my happy little blogging bubble and just plod on from post to post and keep my head down. I, within this, have mentioned why I won’t be the next top blogger and although I have joked about that very fact there is an element of truth involved too.
I literally write, publish and read posts that come across my feed, get left in my comments or through people I have subscribed to.
So, it is always surprising when I find out that I am part of some “behind your back” and “playground” chats!

I was recently accused of copying posts and using someone for post ideas and on top of that making some “sly digs” at people in my posts (although no actual examples have been shown to me) I have been left both hurt and cross because of this as I have done neither; I especially haven’t made sly digs, I am not that subtle!
The thing is I have been blogging now for over 8 years, have 3 blogs and publicly sharing this blog across social media for over 2 years.  This has allowed me to take on board some blogging and life lessons and this is where I become hurt and cross.
So, for those who believe I am like that this post is directly for you! No subtle digs just here and in black and white.
It is Christmas time so there will be lots of Christmas posts. You are not the only blogger to write about Christmas. There are lots of companies that want products to be reviewed and you are not the only one sharing their product so DON’T think that everyone is copying your posts because they have something similar! It may appear very similar to yours but that’s because there is only so much that you can say about certain products!
I write about Home Education but I am not the only blogger to do so. I write about being a single parent and I am not the only single parent blogger, in fact there are 2 Facebook groups for Single parent bloggers and a great Britmums round up for them. I write about being disabled and I am not the only blogger to do that, in fact there are usually winners of Inspire awards who do that and who are far better at it than I am! I am a dad and writeabout that and yet I know I am not the only dad blogger amongst the 100s I am pleased to know.
Do you think then that with all these different categories sometimes similar posts are written? That sometimes content is content and SEO is produced which may create similar sentences etc? But, doesn't mean that I have taken it upon myself to copy you.
My blog is not the best. It is growing, it is repetitive with content (In fact I have shared the same post topic several times over those 8 years!) but I have worked extremely hard on it. I have always been the blogger up late at night writing, editing photos, going to events and then supporting other bloggers and I know many others will know this.

Subsequently, you need to realise that you are NOT the centre of the blogging universe. You do NOT have every unique idea to ever cross a bloggers mind. You are NOT the sole reason I blog. So please stop being so darn arrogant, reign yourself back in and see that we are all in it together; literally millions of bloggers around the world all just writing.

What has upset and hurt me is that instead of acting like an adult and talking to me about it, like a friend I took you for, you decide to talk to others, get angry, accuse me and then refuse to even discuss it with me, showing me no examples of what I have supposedly done but instead become childish lowering yourself, with others, to believe that I have that malicious and callous side. Which, by the way, is more upsetting than you would realise.
So it comes down to this. You can either see that blogging is massive, that we all, at some point, write similar posts to each other and I have just done that. That you can know me and know that I wouldn’t intentionally be that mean, sly and purposeful or, you can think that I sit here and spend hours going through blog posts just stealing ideas.
Personally, I am going to stay in the first camp because, quite frankly, I have already wasted enough time and energy on you by writing this post
Blogging is massive and we all end up with similar things and it is often only the most personal posts from the heart that are the most unique. I write because I am either asked to or because I want to about a topic.
In the meantime keep writing and I will wish you all good luck.
I have far more important things happening in my life at this moment than to be dealing with this. Now, time to do some more work on here :) as i said above, i have a long list to get through!
**This post may or may not have been copied from someone else. This may or may not be a unique post idea. I may have reason or I could be making this up who actually knows. This disclaimer may just be completely sarcastic**

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