Monday, 6 March 2017

#40DayBloggingChallenge - Week 1

It has been the first week of Lent and it is usually the easiest; well depending on what you are giving up or doing!
For me I usually find the first week the easiest on my #40DayBloggingChallenge as it is the shortest and I don’t get too bogged down with keeping up with it all!

So the first week of giving out some positivity and I think I chose some great people!

Day 1

SoP aka Baby and Mammy is a fairly new blogger on the social media front but she has been writing her wonderful blog for a while now.

She fulfils my regular tick list by being my first single parent of the challenge!
SoP is a wonderful Mammy to E a beautiful 18 month old girl. SoP manages to do brilliantly by juggling a full time job, completing her qualification and being a single Mam! That in itself is an amazing feat and why I am proud to feature her first.

Over the last few months I have taken the time to get to know her too and she is one of the loveliest people to have the pleasure of knowing! If you haven’t had time to chat to her online or read her blog then I would suggest that you do, you won’t be disappointed!
My featured post of hers is a bit of a fun one: if there was a parent sports day! We, as parents, learn many unique skills that maybe nonparents don’t have but what if they became a skilled sport! I think mine would be drinking a cuppa, teaching math and preparing a sandwich.

Day 2

OMG aka Alan has been around for a while now. He has become a staple of mine as well as others twitter lives as well as in blogging.
Alan is a father to 2 and stepdad to another 2. However, you will see a lot of his online antics surround having his daughter Little Miss OMG.

He is my first dad to featured and for very valid reasons too! His blog is great even if a little sporadic because he has been without any technology to write with but that hasn’t stopped him! He is a massively online presence in my life and I can honestly say that he brightens up my day on twitter, even if it is passively trolling me! If you don’t already talk to him regularly then I would want to know why!
My featured post for him is 5 reasons to have Four Children! It is a great post featuring on reasons to have more children and with a comical twist. I’m not totally convinced though!

Day 3

Mrs H aka Lucy, is a well-known and established blogger who I have had the pleasure to follow and know for most of my public blogging life.
A fantastic mum to Little Miss H and her rainbow baby Master H as well as a local blogger to me, which is always a bonus!

If you are new to her blog then you need to check it out asap but be warned, you may need a tissue ready!
Lucy had the ability to make me smile, laugh and to reach to the emotional depths and have me crying! She writes about parenting, miscarriage, mental health and just generally what life can be like.

The featured post is, of course, an open and candid post about a stalker in her life. I won’t spoil it but it is a post that needs to be read!
Day 4

Plutoniumsox aka Nat has been a blogger for a while. It may pain me to say it as we have this love hate relationship but she is one of my favourite bloggers and people!

Nat is a freelance writer, mum of 2 girls, animal and nature lover and a pain in my backside; not an easy thing to manage to juggle!
She has the ability to make most things she writes come alive with a passion and it is for that very reason to why she is on my daily reading list. I know that it pains her to admit it but she is probably my biggest fan! She comments on nearly every post I write and tries her hardest to comment with love……hahaha as if! Nat has the ability to pick up on every mistake I make, every blip and lurks until the worse possible moment to strike and troll me; in fact I know people read my blog just to see what she has written! That is a skill not to be missed!

The featured post is a reflection of parenting and how quickly children grow and how Nat has changed in light of the approach of Mother’sday.

That is it for the first week! So what do you think of my first choices? Do you read their blogs? Do you need to go and say hi?
This week will be a bit more of a challenge with including 2 more bloggers but I am sure it will be fine and I know we have some great bloggers and blogs to feature!


JOhn Adams said...

Great selection. I am familiar with all the blogs although I confess a couple of them I haven't visited for a while so I probably should do!

Tracey Abrahams said...

All great choices so far Mr K. Xx

Lucy Howard said...

Thanks so much for including me. You are the loveliest blogger. And I am amongst other amazing bloggers. Your kind words always bring a tear to my eye. Big hugs Lucy xxxx

Plutonium Sox said...

Biggest fan my arse Mr K. I just feel obliged to proof read for you because nobody else tells you what an immense pile of turd it is. Thanks for including me ;)

Alan said...

Ah Mr K I've a lump in my throat reading your kind words. Or maybe it's indigestion.
I can only assume you had over medicated whilst writing my section of the post as the others are all fab bloggers.
Can't wait to see whose up next week 😀