Monday, 14 August 2017

A Short Break

This time last year I felt a little lost.
Usually in the summer holidays the boys go away with their mum for a couple of weeks; one week as a larger family and then one week with just their mum and step dad.

It is something that I am always happy for as I think that it is important for them to get away, enjoy themselves and have fun as a family. I, however, usually feel a little lost with the break of routine and how much I miss having them around.
It is one of those things that many co-parents have to go through within their co-parenting setup; although this isn’t the first time I am sure many, who are like me, will agree that it is always difficult.

Instead of feeling lost and feeling their absence I decided that this year I would try and enjoy the break too.

If you have a full time or even part time work you are entitled to a break and I don’t see this as any different everybody has time off. Couples have date nights or weekends away to have that time together. People who work have weekends and although these are filled with family time the change is an important part. Yet, for me, I hadn’t taken any time at all. I was always dad, teacher, writer and blogger; yet I was still taking on more work.

The boys Mum and her family had planned time away and according to the dates meant that I had a “free” 6 day period. This would be perfect if I didn’t have work! Then I thought about it and decided that I could just cancel work for those days. No blogging, writing, teaching and limited time on social media
I was lucky that I had Hannah and the kids up from Cornwall so I wasn’t alone but I also decided that I would enjoy the time that we had together without the pressure of work and blogging.

It made sense to me to take some time away from the blog and from social media. I have always liked the phrase a “Change is as good as a rest” but so is a rest and a break! I had minimalised my piano lessons and only had one booked in for the beginning of the week so I could rest but also decided to stay away from my blog.
I have around 8 posts in my drafts that have sat there for a week but I wanted a break.
I know a few people have mentioned that I have been quiet on Twitter but if you look everywhere you will see that I have been quiet on all platforms.

So what did we get up to?
Well, to be honest, nothing.

I spent a couple of days in my pyjamas (I don’t remember doing this before now!) we ate well and comfortably, played around and watched films together.
I tried to steer clear from doing more than replying to the odd tweet and Facebook comment.

I will admit though that there were moments where it was noticeable and I wanted to jump back in and do things (especially when Hannah brought her laptop out) Yet, when I tried I wasn’t convicted as I normally am.
Some of this admittedly was the set up and change with having Hannah and the kids around but I also didn’t want to.

I have been blogging, as a whole, for 8 years this September and I rarely take a break and now that I feel a bit more seasoned with it that I would suggest that everyone does it!
Many wouldn’t suggest that you should leave your blog empty for a week and would recommend guest posts and activities or prewritten work ready to be published.

I have no idea if this is true or not and my impromptu break and total absence is something that will “damage” my blog but it was something that I was happy to risk. (If anything that will give me something to write about!)
It was wonderful though to have a week of limited interactions and pressures of work and blogging. It gave Hannah and I more time to actually enjoy each other’s company of which was lovely!

With the final day we had a nice day out locally, dinner at Pizza Express and finally cuddles and a film; I now feel refreshed, relaxed and ready to write.

Hope you have all been going well and I can’t wait to catch up with everyone.

In the meantime, have any of you guys taken a break away from blogging? How did you find it?


Rich Sayers said...

I think it's nice to just forget about everything once in a while. When we go away I always leave my phone behind and although it feels weird I don't miss it. Glad younjave a great week!

Plutonium Sox said...

Good for you, I agree that we all need a break. I do feel for poor Hannah being stuck with you but it was a welcome break for the rest of us.

Mark said...

I think a good social media cleanse is always worthwhile. I've started taking a few days off every few weeks.

I also take regular breaks from blogging, although to be fair that's less intentional and more because the kids give me so little material to write about these days. I have to resist the urge to trip them up just so I've a funny anicdote to embarrass them with!

Matthew said...

We had an enforced break when we moved and had no wifi for over two weeks. Have to confess I soon got into routines and didn't miss it much, until I came back on to it and its like I'd never been away! Hope you feel all refreshed and raring to go!

Nigel Higgins said...

Very important I believe to have a break from blogging it can do easily take over your life, I can't imagine it makes any difference a week with no posts. I am definitely easing off a little bit nowadays. As you said once you are established it's actually something you can do. Sounds like you had a fab time mate. Well done :)

Emma Day said...

Nowadays I just blog when I can find the time, which isn't as often as I'd like, but it's the best I can do. I'm a mum of four, a carer, a newlywed, I work and we travel as much as we can. I've been party planning and between court cases in a custody battle and setting up a PIP appeal. Our Wedding Reception was entirely handmade. We've had days out and we have the usual work/gym run/park run/kids to their dad and back routine. My dreams of writing a book seem so far away right now. And there are times when I know I should be writing, but I just need a rest.

So glad to hear you've managed to enjoy those 6 days. I struggle with my kids being gone even one night. I drop them off at their dad's and always have a cry on the way home. X

Jeremy Barnes said...

when I'm on vacation I don't do anything with it. Stats for the month go down obviously, but I've found that people come back when I have something new to say. A break now and again is nice

john adams said...

Sorry if you get this comment twice. Something weird just happened when I tired to comment! Anyway, I very rarely take a break. it's difficult if blogging is how you earn a living! That said, it does happen from time to time but I always ensure I have good quality content pre-written and scheduled. What is it like to stay in pajamas for two days?

Angela Webster said...

It's so hard as a parent and a blogger to give yourself total time off so well done you for just going for it. I took 3 weeks off earlier this year I had totally burnt out, I came back refreshed and am enjoying blogging more than ever. I hope the rest was just what you needed. It sounds like you had a lovely time with Hannah, she is one of the kindest and most lovely people I know so happy for you both.