Wednesday 6 November 2019

My Little Chef - Chicken Casserole

Evenings are getting quite dark, the wind and the rain this week has been absolutely rubbish and the radiators have been switched on. 

The Cupcake Kitney household has now embraced the oncoming Winter! So obviously the slow cooker is out and our dinners have started being more hearty comfort food.

Will decided this week that he would start his Winter recipes with one of our family favourites; Chicken Casserole.

Chicken legs
Chopped Tinned Tomatoes 

Cutting Board
Sharp Knife
Slow Cooker
  Grill pan
Frying Pan


Will started the casserole off by peeling and then cutting the carrots into round chunks.

He then did the same with the parsnips.

Will then placed the cut carrot and parsnips into the slow cooker.

He then peeled the onions and the outer layer of the leeks. Will then cut the leeks in half, layed the sections flat onto the chopping board and sliced them.

With the onions he cut them in half and then sliced sections off to create onion rings. (Apparently onion rings are a must for casseroles!)

He then lightly fried the onions and the leeks in a frying pan before placing them into the slow cooker.

Will then placed the chicken legs into a pan and placed them under the grill to sear the outside of the meat.

Will then placed the 2 tins of chopped tomatoes into the slow cooker with the existing ingredients.

Finally, he added peas to the mixture of vegetables.

Will then started his gravy. Although there are tomatoes in the mix he usually adds a gravy sauce to combine and create a rich casserole sauce.

Will then added one tablespoon of marmite and stirred it into the gravy.

He then added the thyme, sage, salt and pepper and stirred it all in.

Will then added the gravy mixture into the slow cooker.

With the Chicken legs seared he placed them into the slow cooker with the remaining ingredients.

He then placed the slow cooker on hot and left until the evening. 

With the slow cooker working throughout the day the casserole ended up covering the bungalow with a lovely hearty smell. 

Although it took a little time in the morning the added free time in the evening was great. 

We then served up the casserole to the six of us and enjoyed! 

*A little added tip from Will*

If you have left over sauce and vegetables add the sauce ingredients again, add some cut pasta and have it as minestrone soup the following day!

So what do you think? Will you be adding this to your meal plan this week? 

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Kim Carberry said...

Ahh! I love food cooked in the slow cooker. It has been the weather for it.
The casserole looks and sounds so tasty! That's a great tip from Will to use it in soup the next day x