Saturday, 2 November 2019

Our Week in Home Ed

Home Ed this week has been really busy. It's also been a bit of a slog at the beginning of the week straight after half term but I often find that the busier we are the easier it is to get over the initial slog. 

This week has also been one of those "less adventurous" weeks where our lessons seem to be in the middle and they're a tad dull compared to other weeks. That said, I still feel like we've achieved a lot.


Nouns and Verbs.

In the beginning of the week Will had to identify what Nouns were. This started off quite difficult for him. He was often getting muddled between the different types. 

However, after the first lesson being a struggle he threw himself in and he managed to get a greater understanding and fly through the activities.

On the main activities he had to correct sentences with nouns in. He had to identify if they were incomplete, incorrect and then put them in the correct order. After looking at common nouns we moved on to abstract nouns. Eventually he worked his way through making a word bank list of concrete or abstract nouns.

He then spent the end of the weeks lessons on Verbs. Like with nouns, Will had to change sentences and identify the correct verb in the sentence. This was something that he found quite easy; so much so that he flew through 2 days activity sheet in one lesson. I had to then find something a little harder so found an activity where he had a list of verbs but had to create his own sentences for them. Something that the reluctant writer in him found a struggle.


This week we have been doing short bursts of maths again and have been spending 10 minutes covering different topics. So this week Will has covered graphs, bar graphs, pie charts and tally charts. He also then looked at percentages and place value.

He is showing that he has a good and solid foundation for this and can be left to push forwrds with the individual topics. 

That said he did struggle a little at learning to turn the results into percentages. Once he understood the method I think he actually found the length of the method more tedious than then learning. 

By the end of the week he produced some good understanding and managed to put his results from the previous weeks Geography work into 2 different graphs and charts.

Cooking and Baking:

Will has been in "cook mode" this week. He has wanted to do something daily. I don't mind so much as I know how much he enjoys it but it has featured heavily.

To pick out 2 of his highlights it would be his homemade pizza and a chicken casserole.

The concept was good and the recipes, which the chicken casserole recipe will be ready under our "My Little Chef" posts this coming Wednesday, ended up being incredibly easy to make. Plus, they tasted yummy.


Eco bricks and Recycling.

This will be our thrid week making eco bricks and I have to admit that it is something we've made into a daily habit. We thought in the last post that we were doing really well by reducing our house of 6 down to half a black sack but we've somehow managed to beat that! 

Checking our rubbish out we've brought it down to a quarter of a sack! It just shows how much is being thrown away when you don't always check the packaging!

I wanted to encompass some recycling work to go alongside the eco brick project. We found a great chart that gives some interesting facts that got us motivated. Will then completed 2 comprehensive worksheets on recycling working out if statements were True or False.


Binary and Coding:

Have to admit that this has been dropped this week. We just couldn't find time to squeeze it in. Will does want to explore it more so we will make a better effort for it next week!


We have been continuing with our History of Cars theme. The topic has been quite interesting to learn even from my point of view. 

We have now reached the 60s and in doing so we have a car that more closely resembles the ones we have today. It was fascinating learning what cars prior to this had or didn't have on it. 

We ended up completing some activity sheets where we labelled the different car parts and then researched when these were introduced.


Like our history we continued in making our fact file in geography and we continued this week looking at our High Street.

We took last weeks survey of shops and, as mentioned above in Numeracy, we converted the results into charts. 

We found that the majority of the shops that most high streets have actually have a lower percent present. Rochester is clearly a town for the weird and unusual shops. 

Will also went through the High Street with Hannah checking out some of these shops and getting some photos. We're hoping to see if we can do some history on them next week. I also have planned that he goes out and surveys people to ask why they come here to shop. 


We also had Halloween this week so we used some of our time designing our pumpkins ahead of the day! Will went for the "throwing up pumpkin seeds" look. 

Despite it being a busy week I think we've done well and William has managed to cover a lot of topics and push forward with our subjects. We may have missed a couple out but I don't mind too much; the beauty of home ed is the flexible curriculum and as long as he's learning I don't overly mind. 

What do you think of our week?

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