About Me

I started Inside Martyn's Thoughts as an outlet to organise all of the thoughts that I had floating around in my head; parenting changed that.
Back in September 2014 I relaunched this blog when I became a stay at home dad to my two boys with the hope to document the journey we were undertaking. Something I wasn't expecting was for it to grow!

Inside Martyn's Thoughts has become a place to share the highs and lows of family life from a single, stay at home dads perspective. The aim still remains the same: to document our life together and to show that education doesn't need to be 9 - 5 Monday to Friday. You will find posts on lifestyle and parenting, recipes and education tips and guides.

Who am I?

I'm 33 and live in Kent and have split and equal responsibilities and access to my two boys.

I trained as a primary school teacher and had a career spanning 10 years in different forms before I stepped into this role. I use this experience now when educating the boys.

I do all of this whilst also having a form of Muscular Dystrophy as well as battling mental health problems.

I am extremely geeky, love anything geeky from TV shows to comics and books; You are more likely to find me with a head in a book than sitting in front of a TV.


The Boys

William, 7,  is the eldest. He enjoys cooking and baking and is titled "My Little Chef" where he takes on many adventurous recipes for such a young age!
When he's not in the kitchen he loves superheroes and has just started taking an interest in Minecraft.
James, 4, is the cheeky chap of the two. He enjoys exploring the world, creating designs and making a mess!
James enjoys a lot of role play and often creates different games for us to play.
Home education originally started when William struggled to settle fully within school and it has now advanced to teaching the pair if them. It can be challenging but it is good to cover topics in EYFS as well as KS1.
So there it is, a little about us. Hope all the new people have enjoy our journey.

Speak to you all soon and thank you for visiting my Blog.