Sunday, 25 January 2015

Review - Weekend Box

As a Parent, and a Home School educator, I am always trying to find activities and topics that are fun and engaging as well as educational.

So I was incredibly excited when I was contacted by Andy and sent the Weekend Box designed for 3 to 6 year olds.

Inside this child friendly packaged box we found 4 activity packets, instructions for each activity and 5 stickers to promote achievement of completion of each task and the whole box.

Each instruction chart is colour coordinated to match the enclosed packets. They each present a difficulty level, the time that each activity will take, as well as, "What you will need" or "Ingredients" list. At the bottom of each page you are introduced to a friendly character that gives you some excellent tips for each activity.

On the back of the sheet you will find a numbered, step by step, guide to completing the task.

Our box was Aztec themed; I loved the idea of the box being themed as it presented me with something to engage fully with.

Aztec Hot Chocolate

This was the quickest activity in the box with an estimated time of 10 minutes. I did decide though that this activity was unsuitable for James, 3, due to his age, knowing him well and the use of hot water. Parental discretion and supervision would be needed.

With a great list of ingredients (Self bought as well as enclosed spice mixes)

We especially enjoyed the added tip within the instructions that specified “Now might be a good time to ‘sample’ your chocolate just to make sure it’s ok!”

This activity, although a shorter time than the others, provided a chance to explore the theme. Being one to one this also allowed me to extend William’s, 5, understanding on the topic of cocoa-beans. (Information found in Wooster’s Tips)

It is clear to say that William, especially, enjoyed this activity.

Aztec Parrot

With James missing out on the Aztec Hot Chocolate I decided to solely do this activity with him. (I can see this being suitable for any age targeted by the product)

Once again this activity was informative and engaging with the enclosed packet giving a range of materials to use.

James loved every aspect of this activity; He thrived in expressing his creative side and choosing from the materials provided.


Aztec Mosaic Coaster

We had already covered mosaics in our Roman school topic so I needed very little explanation to what they were.  However; I could see that this would form a good extended discussion.

Inside our activity packet we had 2x Pieces of Card and 2x Foam Sheets. We took time to look at the different patterns that were suggested to us on our Instructions.

The guide time was estimated at 30 minutes but this took us a lot longer (1 hour and 20 minutes). We designed our pattern first and carefully measured, cut and organised out pieces.


The activity was fun and interesting for both the boys. Although it took us longer; neither boy became bored and disinterested and talked throughout about what they were doing.

Both William and James were really proud and pleased with their finished Coaster.

Aztec Pattern Prints

This activity, once again, was engaging, educational and promoted the boys creative side. The activity packet provided poster paints, string and card. Oswald’s Tip encouraged an interesting discussion amongst us about what patterns we see every day as well as the ones we most enjoy.

The craft was easy to follow, like the previous activities, and provided an opportunity to continue the understanding of patterns that we had discussed in the previous activity.


Although the pack did provide string I would advise to make sure that you have an equivalent to make the activity last longer. From the equipment provided we were able to produce some fantastic patterns.

We spent a whole day following and creating the activities provided; not once did I feel that the boys, as well as myself, were bored or uninterested in the topic theme.
The Weekend box is interesting, educational and packed with activities to keep any child entertained. It can be used over a day, weekend or even to fill a rainy afternoon. The topic theme, as well as the activities, has provided us as a family with enough ideas and suggestions to easily continue this on another occasion.

A subscription would make a great gift for a child and would be appreciated by both adult and the child. It only costs £7.50 (inc P&P) which, from what we experienced, is reasonably priced for what it provides.

However; if you want to test one out I would suggest that you visit them and enter this Promotional Code: MARTYN182    and   get a free one to trial.


Gary Mathews said...

Congrats on your first product review!

Jenni - Oddsocks and Lollipops said...

Oh I really like the look of these, might have to have a look at them when Boo is a bit older, great review!

Sunshine Dad said...

Fantastic review! That looks like a lot of fun. I'm going to have to do a trial run of one of these.

Mummy3+1dog said...

I love the weekend boxes

Ashley Beolens said...

Looks like a great product for the kids (and you) and seems you had great fun trying it out, think we may check them out ourselves :)

Mathew Lajoie said...

Thanks for sharing this, Martyn. Looks great!

Martyn - Being Free said...

Thanks Gary!

Martyn - Being Free said...

Definitely should, they really are great fun! Thanks for commenting Jenni

Martyn - Being Free said...

Thank you! It was really fun. I didn't know what to expect with it but to be honest was completely taken back by how great it was. You should definitely click on the link and get a trial one!

Martyn - Being Free said...

They really are fab aren't they!

Martyn - Being Free said...

Thanks Ashley! They really were very popular with us all in lots of ways and definitely suited us as a family. I have to admit when it came through the door I was a big kid and opened it straightaway to take a peak.....and I didn't even have the boys that day :-/
Definitely follow the link and get your free trial one!

Martyn - Being Free said...

Thanks Mathew! Yeah it really was! Would love to do another one!

Natalie Ray said...

Great review Martyn, really detailed. I would definitely give this a go with Lib, it seems to really encourage one on one attention for the child which is as valuable as the craft itself.x

Martyn - Being Free said...

Thanks Natalie! You should really give this a go she would love it. It was something that I knew they both would enjoy but it definitely was something that I could see being beneficial on a one to one too. The activities allowed such good discussions too. Hope you give it a go.