Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Goodnight Iggle Piggle!

The two Boys have got to the age where they no longer enjoy watching, the ever so popular, In the Night Garden.
I’m not going to lie; I am very pleased about this!
The idea of the show is to help children relax and achieve a calming relationship with parents through reassuring the child to have a peaceful transition at bedtime.
I can understand how seeing a child laying calmly, in the opening scene, will signify visually, for anyone, young or old, that going to bed should be a peaceful and enjoyable activity. However; this point is clearly missed because we are transported to a drug hallucinogenic setting filled with suspicious, yet bubbly, characters.

So let’s take a look at the three main characters:

Iggle Piggle
Iggle Piggle is the main character of the show. He always arrives and leaves the garden on the boat and in doing so he is the only character within the show that doesn’t go to sleep.
Hang on!! Wasn’t this show meant to encourage children to go to bed and sleep calmly? The fact that the main character doesn’t and then, subsequently, goes on adventure at bedtime should completely ruin the premise of the show?
I am unaware of how old Iggle Piggle is; however, his best friend is a girl called Upsy Daisy who is clearly aged between 4 and 7. Therefore we could assume that he is within the same age range.
On a whole; I like the fact that Iggle Piggle represents the disabled character or at least a child with additional needs within the show.
What?! Iggle Piggle isn’t disabled nor does he have additional needs you might say.
Let’s take a quick glance at his character profile: He has a bean-shaped head and a sideways red Mohawk. (Head Injury maybe? Personally I would have definitely complained if my hairdresser gave me a sideways Mohawk)
He always carries his red blanket and tends to fall flat on his back when surprised. (I feel for him here; having Muscular Dystrophy I will often fall over when surprised!)
He also has a squeaker in his tummy!
Why has he been left alone by an adult where he was able to swallow a squeaker? Or is it that he is an older child with additional needs and his carers/parents left him around dangerous items? Either way, shouldn’t we contact Social Services or at least take him to A&E?

Upsy Daisy
Upsy Daisy is the main girl within the programme, although we are aware that there are girls as part of the Pontipines (red) and the Wottingers (blue) families, and features wearing brightly coloured clothes. She, like Iggle Piggle, has a chime in her tummy. (Seriously; did the adult present just leave items for the children to swallow and then leave the room? Please, please, could someone help these children?!)
She likes skipping through the Garden and blowing kisses to the other characters or to the audience. Often we’ll see her give hugs and kisses to other characters. Upsy Daisy also has a ‘runaway bed’ which either plays hide and seek with her or she pulls it around by a cord. Her hair stands on end when excited or surprised, and her skirt inflates to a tutu when she dances or pulls the ripcord on her waist.
(So let’s just get this right; she walks around with her bed, asking characters to sit on it, whilst enticing them with kisses and hugs?! She pulls a cord to lift up her skirt and her hair stands on end when she is excited. My Mum warned me about girls like this! The Hussy!)

Makka Pakka
Makka Pakka, if I’m honest, is the one that really confuses me.  Is he a Grown-up or a Child? I believe he is an Adult (He owns a house or at least lives in one. Only Adults can do this)
Physically he is a creamy-coloured, small, round-bodied character. Mentally Makka Pakka has some problems; he suffers from some form of OCD. (I can relate to this especially when you have children constantly around.)
Although, as mentioned before, he has a home it’s fair to say that it’s more like a cave and you will often find him pushing his trolley around with an array of items. (Is he Homeless?)
What truly disturbs me through is his ‘OCD’ tendency….
Now before you all try to say that “I am out of order” for isolating and singling out his mental health issues let me explain a little further:
Do we think Makka Pakka is an Adult? Yes?
Is it, therefore, acceptable for an adult, possibly homeless, to go around asking people, especially Children, if it is OK to polish their Rocks? (I know what I first thought of!)
Think I’m overreacting? Let me ask you a question:
Would you let a small old man, who may or may not be homeless, approach your child, whilst pushing his trolley and let them directly ask your child if they could “Polish their Rocks”? I know I wouldn’t!

As I mentioned before these are just the main three characters; I haven’t mentioned or gone indepth about:
The Tombliboos who enjoy kissing each other whilst cuddling (who I hope, due to their distinguishable height difference, are toddler aged Children; if they’re not toddlers I don’t really want to question the one female sleeping with two men aspect)
The Pontipines (red) and The Wottingers (blue) who are two families of ten tiny creatures that all co-sleep in one room.
The Haahoos who are five very large inflatable pillow-like creatures of various shapes and colours with eyes and smiling mouths. (No wonder Iggle Piggle falls over when surprised with these gargantuan creatures bouncing around!)
Or The Ninky Nonk and The Pinky Ponk, which are a little Train and Airship; which were clearly crafted by Timelords because they always seem bigger on the inside!
So with all this in mind; I am very happy that the boys have stopped watching this…..So Goodnight Iggle Piggle!
Side Questions:
Does anyone else question these things? Or is it a case of “Martyn you have too much time on your hands?
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Tommy Manzie said...

I think the creators just like to push the boundaries. Think back to captain pugwash. I remember a few years back watching boobahs and they were basically blob like people dancing about, squatted, farted and flew off. I saw my first panto in years before xmas and was surprised by how much risqué stuff was in there

Martyn - Inside Martyn's Thoughts said...

Lol I know they do. But does make it gunning to watch. Hence my comical take on it 😉

Kellie Kearney said...

I have never ever even thought about any off this. The music, squeaks and silliness give me 24 minutes of downtime, cleaning or catch up. He'll never under stand any of this although the four year old has said iggle piggle is very silly.

Alot of work went into this, does make me think!

Kellie Kearney said...

I have never ever even thought about any off this. The music, squeaks and silliness give me 24 minutes of downtime, cleaning or catch up. He'll never under stand any of this although the four year old has said iggle piggle is very silly.

Alot of work went into this, does make me think!

Ally Messed Up Mum said...

It's absolutely hilarious! Defo the modern day Magic Roundabout. The creator is sat there using all the money to get off his face daily and come up with the next bizarre creation 😂

Martyn - Inside Martyn's Thoughts said...

Thanks Kellie! I'm sure he'll never see this. In fairness it gave me more enjoyment of it to over analyse it like this.

Makes me chuckle! Thought it might make other parents smile when they then have to watch it ;-)

Martyn - Inside Martyn's Thoughts said...

Haha I know right!! Makes it far more amusing to watch!!

Ashley Beolens said...

Nice one Martyn, certainly an interesting take on things, I remember when I had to watch this with my little one and some of the things they say and do could come across as rather rude to adults :).

Martyn - Inside Martyn's Thoughts said...

Thanks Ashley. It's definitely a funny dad take on it at least. My two were oblivious to it all but I'd sit there and chuckle to myself lol

Gym Bunny Mummy said...

We're just sitting down to watch this before putting little man to bed. Sometimes I watch it thinking WTF but it works for him so hey ho... Love your take on it ;)

Martyn - Inside Martyn's Thoughts said...

Thanks for commenting :-)
Kids love it and it definitely kept them quiet at bedtime so I won't moan about that fact. But it definitely made me question far too much lol love that you enjoyed my take on it. Made me chuckle.

Mrs H said...

I am so glad it is not just me. This post had me chuckling away. We had to stop Little Miss H watching it because it got her far too excited before bed. I have always worried about the Ninky Nonk and the Pinky Ponk. They are obviously very dangerous forms of public transport. Why do the characters continuously use them? Surely someone needs to write a very strongly worded letter of complaint to the management. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

Martyn - Inside Martyn's Thoughts said...

Thanks again for commenting. Glad you found it funny! That was my intent.
I e never understood why it's meant to reflect a calm environment for children. No wonder you stopped miss H from watching it. It can make them very excitable.
The ninky non never bothered be too much....Every Child loves Z train ride. The pinky pink did though. ..."Daddy can we go on snow airship? " because that's doable for parents! But why did the characters change size to go on it? Weird.
Maybe a letter of complaint is needed with the attachment of this post maybe ;-)

Louise said...

Lol, so funny. My little ones love In the Night Garden but I see what you mean about some of the characters! My mum thinks Upsy Daisy is a bit of a hussy too and I do sometimes think Igglepiggle and Upsy Daisy need to get a room! And I completely agree with the comment above about the Ninky Nonk and Pinky Ponk being quite dangerous forms of public transport too - I'm sure those seat belts are completely inadequate for the job! #twinklytuesday

Talya Stone said...

Love this post hilarious! Why are children so obsessed with it given how shite it is? My little one loves it much to my dismay. Any adult I know who has ever seen it has wondered what kind of narcotics the people behind it were on when they came up with it! I look forward to when my little one stops watching it too haha #twinklytuesday

Mummy Fever said...

Lol - we have a massive iggle piggle fan and he does the naughty little run around before his bath like IP does before bedtime! #TwinklyTuesday

Mama, My Kid Doesn't Poop Rainbows said...

Haha,fab post. Thanks you might have made this show bearable for me. Now I can seethe and also be meanly amused.


Anonymous said...

What a great post! I've always wanted to dissect In The Night Garden - and you have done it for me! Very funny! #TwinklyTuesday

Martyn Kitney said...

Thanks for commenting Louise! It's definitely the modern version of the magic roundabout with the bizarre look on it. Lol I hadn't thought about the seat belt part!

Martyn Kitney said...

Ha am glad you like it. It's crazy how the kids love it. Thanks for commenting.

Martyn Kitney said...

Thanks for commenting! ha the madness is spreading. Naughty iggle Piggle lol

Martyn Kitney said...

Ha no problem. This is all I do. Sit and over analyse kids tv to make it bearable for me.

Martyn Kitney said...

Thanks for commenting! ha it needed to be done!

Mummascribbles said...

This did make me laugh Martyn. Zach has never been a huge fan but we did used to have it in the evening. Now we generally miss it although he asked for it the other day for the first time! I don't think I have actually watched it in depth enough to have ever written this post but I do agree that Upsy Daisy is a complete hussy! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

Martyn Kitney said...

Lol I'm pleased you enjoyed it lisa! Clearly this shows more about the amount the boys watched it and what goes through my mind lol