Thursday, 30 April 2015

How do you do it?

Sometimes I am really in the mood for it; when it’s on my mind I can do it multiple times. Sometimes I want to do it but I have a headache so I won’t. Other times I feel slightly obliged to do it and it’s not fun. There are times where I am in the mood but I can’t because I have the children and it really isn’t practical or appropriate. I talk to friends about it and they tell me that it can depend on how their partner is feeling. Ultimately, there are many different ways to see it but my entire mind has been thinking about this week is how do you do it?

What am I talking about? Blogging of course!
Everyone has their own style of blogging and how they do it.
This week, for me, has been a tough blogging week. 11 days ago I was on my top blogging form:

·         I had prewritten 11 posts.

·         I had taken part and linked up with a different Linkys every day.

·         My comments were read and replied to.

·         I had read and commented on almost 200 posts each week

·         I co-hosted the Big Fat Linky.

·         I networked on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Come forward and it’s Wednesday morning and my final prewritten post went out earlier. I have over 40 comments to read and reply to, I have 40 posts to read and comment of with the Big Fat Linky, 6 products to review, 17 posts on my list to write about and I haven’t read a single post this week.
So what has happened?

A few different things have been going on:
  •  I have been networking loads on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  • With the weather being nicer the boys and I have been out nearly every day.
  • Work load has increased slightly.
  • I have been out more socialising, as well as personal interactions with people.

Now this sound pretty much like a normal week for me and in some ways it is. However, there is a subtle difference; where the boys and I have been going out more I get to around 8pm and tiredness hits me and I really don’t feel like blogging at all. With two new pupils starting this last week I have lost an hour of free time and in that I have also had to create new educational plans to match each child’s ability (Not always as straightforward as it can be)

Twitter and Facebook have, for unknown reasons, suddenly become more chatty and interactive which has subsequently meant that I am spending, what at least seems to be, more time on spent on them.
As for socialising: For the people who do network with me then you will pretty much know that my social life is non-existent; most nights I will be in my armchair, coffee in one hand, phone in the over, TV on in the background, feet up and wrapped in a blanket. (Yes, I am a 32 year old man)

So to then spend 4 hours ‘out’ with friends is a rarity. Even then socially I don’t interact with ‘real’ people. (Sorry guys, I love you all but you know what I mean between ‘real’ and ‘online’ friends) but I took the decision recently to try dating again and from that have been chatting to a lovely lady regularly which, again, has taken up just that extra bit of time.
So where and how am I meant to fit everything in? How do you do it without running out of time?

Blogging pretty much started out as a hobby and a way to keep record of what I do with the Boys.
This is still true, and I need to remember that this is the main goal for the blog. It is quite easy to allow a hobby to become a part time job, even worse to feel pressured and lose the enjoyment of it. It becomes exceptionally more difficult when you are seemingly doing well with statistics, emails, comments and people genuinely taking an interest in what you’re writing as well as your life. I do then, however, need to find some balance without feeling guilty because I have a headache and don’t fancy doing it.

I pretty much work best within a routine; knowing when and where to do what I need and then follow deadlines has always been a strong point for me. Yet, I look at this last week and realise that there has been very little routine.  So the plan today is to get some more writing done, have a bit of a catch up and make a timetable to follow.
So how do you manage to do it? Do you follow a routine? Do you plan and organise or just do everything when and if you can?


Unknown said...

I feel this! Hubby told me Yesterday he felt a bit neglected! I usually write posts and then decide where to link them but have regular pictures I link up. It's not the writing that takes the time. It's the reading, commenting and social media which is fun but so time consuming! You do have to focus on the real world though sometimes! Dating is definite top as is my hubby! Lol xx

Ashley Beolens said...

I think I'm lucky in that I do have quite a bit of time during the day to blog (when not working and the kids are at school), and have an understanding partner that doesn't mind me getting stuck into twitter chats etc. at night.

Through Ami's Eyes said...

I think you've got it spot on at the end! Blog for the love and when you want to not because you feel you have to.
Yesterday I was so ill that I didn't blog, didn't do any interactions or anything and my views suffered for it but I really didn't care. Today, I've recovered and got back on my game and blogged because I wanted to and it's all gone back to normal. As you said, it's a hobby, not a job and your boys come first at the end of the day :)
Btw... Love the title and first paragraph of this post!! ;)


Plutonium Sox said...

Great post, I really enjoyed it. And it may come as little consolation to know that you are a hundred times more organised than me! (You already knew that didn't you?) I've never scheduled one post in my life. I write when I want to write, about what is in my mind and if my mind is blank (frequently) then I don't post that day. I will never be as good a blogger as you but I'm having a lovely time being a bit crap and drifting along in my own little world :)

Jenni said...

I can totally relate to this and I am not even as busy on my blog as you! I don't know where time goes and what was is best to maximize the blogging time I have! All I know is that blogging is like a massive time black hole and I am sure you could give 24 hours a day to it and it still would not be enough!!

Anonymous said...

I blog when I can, which is primarily late at night after everyone has gone to bed - I'm a bit of a night owl. Generally I just keep plugging away - I set aside fixed amounts of time for reading and commenting, and I'm pretty ruthless at sticking to them, or else I could do it all night and not write a word. Other than that, I am forever jotting down notes for new idea swherever I can, so I've always got about 20 ideas on the go at any one time. One day I'll actually catch up enough to write them!

Martyn Kitney said...

Thanks for commenting Sarah! I'm starting to get a bit of a perfectionist with my writing. Reading, writing and rewriting. :/ so it's taking longer. I don't mind the social media side of things. Although blog reading has taken its toll recently. As for real life well I'm having one for a change lol so that is impacting although I think it's great. Poor hubby! Give him some attention :)

Martyn Kitney said...

That's great you have that. It sounds like you've got a great routine too :) that's what's wrong atm I've fallen out of a routine. I will get it back though.

Martyn Kitney said...

Thanks Ami. I love it and it is a hobby for sure but it's easy for it to quickly turn into work. Boys will always come first though.

Lol glad you liked that bit!

Martyn Kitney said...

Thanks Natalie. You were one of the first bloggers I connected with and tbh I have always set my blog against yours! Always loved it! So your kind words are lovely. But your blig is just as great if not more. Saying that if you do it all and be unorganised is amazing!! #jealous

Martyn Kitney said...

That's exactly it! I had 2 free days and dedicated ot to the blog but at the end had a very little satisfaction because it felt like I didn't achieve anything. It was at that point I realised that I'm forgetting it's a hobby! Thanks for commenting.

Martyn Kitney said...

I've noticed how late you're up! You're a mad man!! Can't believe how you juggle everything! I'm glad I'm not the only one though who has a list of things to blog about if I didn't id easily forget them!!

Gary Mathews said...

Something so fun and rewarding can become a job in itself. It's a fine balance to manage between "work" and "pleasure" and with the warmer temps I am spending more time outdoors with softball (that's girls cricket mate) and just enjoying the weather.

Martyn Kitney said...

Thanks Gary! There is that fine line and often ot does get blurred. But like you I tend to do more now the weather is better. Which is great for the boys and activities to blog about but at the same time make us so busy.
Awesome stuff! And thanks for the translation!