Monday, 10 August 2015

Roman Armour

Since we visited a couple of Roman Museums last month the boys have been obsessed with Roman armour. So much so that they wanted to have their own.
Using books from the library, as well as the above picture, we discussed in great detail how the armour was set up. A few major points came through:
It is tired up at the middle to hold the front plate together, yet within this each half had individual layered plates. William also observed that there was a larger plate at the top and back as well as ones on the shoulder.
With this now understood we cracked on to start making our armour.
Using a strip of care we cut down the middle, measured the length and then shaped it into two A frames. We did this with the idea that they would rest above the shoulder.
We then cut individual rectangle shapes out of card to make our individual tiled plates; my made 12 per A frame (6 for the front and back)

Mixing black and white acrylic paint, to make a grey colour, we started painting the rectangles.

Using a knife or a pair or scissors I cut a small whole at the top of each plate and through the A frame. Using string, William tied each plate to the frame. In our research we found that the individual tile were slightly layered, like roof tiles, this offered a reinforced protection. We also found that they were attached individually to allow a certain amount of movement that a solid plate would restrict.


Once all tied together we made a larger plate for our chest, as well as a plate for our back which protected the neck.

We had made plates for our shoulders but we couldn't find a way that attached them without restricting the arms movement. (If you have any ideas then please let us know!)

With all the different plates attached to the front and back we tied the middle with string to pull them together.
Both the boys loved this craft and even more so loved the armour.
What do you guys think? Have we made a protective armour?



Gary Mathews said...

Judging by your facebook post maybe you need some of this armor/armour!

Martyn Kitney said...

Thanks Gary!! Ha! Maybe you're right! ;)