Tuesday 29 September 2015

Understanding Social Media Impact within Klout

This last month I have been fully experimenting with my blog and my different social media accounts. Ideally, I wanted to see if I can get to grips with the in’s and out’s and how they subsequently affect my blog.

The results have definitely been interesting and I have started to gain a greater understanding of how to drive traffic in the different accounts; something that I hope I will be able to share with you all over the next few weeks and months.

Within my Social Media experiment I was also keen to see how it affected my Klout score; something I thought I would take some time here to go through.

“Klout scores are supplemented with three nominally more specific measures, which Klout calls "true reach," "amplification" and "network impact." True reach is based on the size of a user's engaged audience who actively engage in the user's messages. Amplification score relates to the likelihood that one's messages will generate actions, such as retweets, mentions, likes and comments. Network impact reflects the computed influence value of a person's engaged audience” Wikipedia

One aspect of Klout is where it is designed to measure your impact through the posts in your various accounts. This specific algorithm used creates a score that becomes more difficult to achieve at different levels.

(These are just the observations that I have made over the last month but I would like to point out that I am no Klout expert. I have been stuck at 67 – 69 (constantly up and down between these numbers) for the last 2 months. The persons score itself is calculated in other forms as well as impact but I think if you can find which posts that create a higher impact then it should definitely help increase your score.)
So what are you looking out for?

If you access Measure (on the left hand tool bar) you will see each of your social media accounts.   

Each media account that is linked has a maximum score impact of 5. The higher the impact and then additional consistency of that impact helps is an additional way to grow the resulted Klout score.  (As far as I can tell the impact score isn’t calculated with followers or reach, more on the interactions within each post)

You will usually find these represented by blue dots to the right of your post upon the selected social Media.

Instagram was the easiest for me to understand.

Each photo that you post receives an interaction; the interaction is based on likes as well as comments.

An example of this is 18 likes + 21 comments would create an interaction score of 39.

How then does this impact you Klout?

Each Instagram post is broken in to 5 different levels.
0 – 10 interactions gives an impact score of 1

10 – 15 interactions gives an impact score of 2

15 – 24 interactions gives an impact score of 3

25 – 59 interactions gives an impact score of 4

60+ interactions gives an impact score of 5

The higher score ultimately shows how much "Klout" you have in that field!

Twitter works on the same impact score and interactions within each tweet as Instagram including the different levels of engagements. (Likes + ReTweets + replied Tweets = interactions)

Facebook has similar calculated algorithm, however the levels are broken down slightly differently.

0 - 15 interactions gives an impact score of 2
16 - 24 interactions gives an impact score of 3

At this point it is slight speculation as I haven’t scored higher than an interaction of 40.

25 – 50 interactions gives an impact score of 4

50 + interactions gives an impact score of 5

 (Please note comment interactions are not based on replies as comments, only individual and original comment upon the post)

Ideally you would be looking at scoring consistently an impact of 4 and 5 to push yourself further.
As mentioned at the top there are other factors that help push your Klout score up but this useful tool can at least show you which posts create a higher impact and following engagement.

From this point it can be a good idea to work out what your followers would like to see then, subsequently, you can provide similar posts. Despite this not being the only factor a high consistency of an impact will still influence your Klout score.


Random Musings said...

Klout is driving me mad. I've been stuck on 60 for what feels like forever! From what I can gather 60 isn't terrible so I guess it could be worse lol. Loved the breakdowns for what levels of interaction gain each tier, I've never been able to work that out! Thanks for hosting #blogstorm :)

Tubbs said...

I just don't understand Klout at all, but thanks for trying to explain it too me! #blogstorm

Unknown said...

Interesting stuff! I have kind of forgotten about Klout recently!! Need to have another look at it. I do love my social media but sometimes it is hard to keep up!! Thanks for hosting xx

Nicky Kentisbeer said...

Klout is a new one on me. I often see on Twitter 'I gave xxx a k+' or words to that effect but that's as far as I have got thus far so useful to read your post. Thank you for hosting #blogstorm

Martyn Kitney said...

Klout can be very frustrating if you're stuck at a level. I am at the moment and have been for months. Really winding me up. 60 isn't terrible at all and actually in teh grand scheme of things it's really quite good. A general average person and non blogger would only have 20 tops.

Martyn Kitney said...

Ha that's ok. It's one of those things tht you need to spend more time using it to understand it.

Martyn Kitney said...

That's the things with social media it keeps you busy and then if you're trying to through things like klout into the mix it's even more difficult.

Martyn Kitney said...

That's ok. Give it a try and keep using it. It gets easier in time. And you get to understand more options.

Plutonium Sox said...

Wow, that's really well explained, thank you. I have added this to my likes on stumbleupon so I can access it again. Can't believe it took me so long to get around to reading it, I am a fool ;)

Martyn Kitney said...

Thanks. I find it quite easy now I got my head around it. Thanks for sharing it too! Haha you are, but you're also very busy!

American said...

Klout changed the /Measure page, making most of this article obsolete.