Monday, 19 October 2015

Out of the Mouth of Babe #13

This weeks Out of the Mouth of Babes features both boys.

The first two are from James. I think he is in that stage where he is looking at finding excuses for different situations and finding out what he can get away with.

On an afternoon adventure Autumn hunting and the stereotypical thing happed wherever you drive places with small children; they both fell asleep.

William was easily woken and ready to go. James on the other hands decided to show his level intelligence and try and get a little more sleep in:

Me"James, we're here at the park. It's time to wake up"
James: "I can't Daddy"
Me: "I know it's difficult but you have to wake up"
James: "But I'm not even asleep my eyes have just stopped working"

Note to self: Try this for a reason when the Boys wake me up early one morning!

The second example comes at dinner time. Both of the Boys eat quite well and will really eat everything that is given to them. James, however, has started seeing if he can get out of eating dinner and at a later time suggest that he is a little bit hungry and maybe a "chocolate" related snack might be best.

Me: "Boys are you almost done?"
William: "I'm almost finished"
James: "I'm not Daddy, I'm not feeling very hungry"
Me: "James, you said this yesterday and the day before and then you told me that you wanted chocolate a little later. It isn't going to happen. You can eat what we've eaten but you're not having chocolate."
(James looked a little uneasy at this point)
James: "I wasn't going to say that. I just think I'm not very hungry because I haven't watched any TV today"

Nice try sunshine, nice try indeed!

William this week is has uttered a life lesson on a car journey home that I think we would all agree with.

(Google search image)

Me: "Sorry Boys I am going to turn the radio as Daddy still has that really bad headache"
William: "You've had that headache for days now!"

(I had this migraine for 2 days at this point)

Me: "I know. And I am sorry, but it just wont go"
William: "I don't understand why it just wont go!"
Me: "I know, I don't understand it either!"
William: "Daddy, Why can't Money and headaches just swap. You're always saying that your money is going too quickly. Bet you would like that to stick around for a few days!"
Me: "Yes, that would be a good thing!"

Admittedly I did chuckle at that for the rest of the ride home.

Little Hearts, Big Love


Jeremy Barnes said...

some of their excuses for stuff are pretty clever. Mine insists that she must be sleepwalking if caught up after bedtime

Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) said...

Love it! I'm going to tell the girls that my eyes have stopped working next time they wake me up too early as well! Had to chuckle at James' excuses for not being hungry - Jessica always tries to see if she can substitute dinner for biscuits. Money going slowly and headaches going quickly sounds good to me too - hope your migraine has gone away now. Thanks for linking up to #ftmob :-)

Silly Mummy said...

Brilliant! It IS very filling not watching TV, I find. Possibly my eyes won't be working tomorrow... #ftmob

Natalie Ray said...

Oh definitely the comment about money and headaches is totally on the button, if he can make that happen then please send him over to my place when he's finished with you!

Martin - At Home With The Boys said...

So funny! I loved the quote about the eyes not working, but my favourite has to be the money and the migraine. You couldn't make up some of the things kids come out with.

Thanks for sharing - #ftmob

mummy Mess said...

Hahaha this is me reading your post before going to bed- not a good idea as I know money and headache swaps will be running in circles in my head. Hahaha My eyes won't be working tomorrow. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha they are just TOO smart, and funny. I really wish I could swap my headaches for money, it would solve so many problems! Great quotes, thanks for sharing. Becky x #FTMOB