Sunday 24 January 2016

My Little Chef - Aubergine Sandwiches

William and I are always on the look out for more recipes to try.

William has a natural flare so when something takes his fancy he really wants to put his own twist upon it. This, in truth, is why I call him my Little Chef; he sees flavours and ingredients so differently but has a great idea of how it all works.

On search on looking for more recipes we were kindly introduced to the lovely people over at My Little Sous Chef.

The team have created a twin cookbook where they have designed recipes that are presented in two different ways; one for adults and one for children. The children's book offers a more descriptive concept of the recipe through illustrations and smaller break down of written instructions; something that William found easy to follow.

We were kindly sent a recipe for us to try and this leads us to this weeks My Little Chef recipe:

Aubergine Sandwiches


3 Aubergines
2 Eggs

Following the instructions William started off by washing the Aubergines under the tap.

He then carefully sliced the Aubergines into slices about 1cm thick.

Next, William careful sliced the cheese thinly and made bread crumbs from several slices of bread. Please note that he suggests that you over slice the amount of cheese because "who doesn't like stealing a bit of cheese whilst cooking!"

He then broke two eggs into a tray and beat them together. (By the way I key meaning to show you a little video of William breaking an egg with one hand!)

At this point William layered the Aubergine, Cheese and a slice of ham to create a "sandwich"
(as seen below).

He then dipped both side of the sandwich into the egg mix and then into the bowl of breadcrumbs. This then creates a breaded outer layer on both sides.

After placing them on a greased baking tray I put them under the grill for him. The sandwiches need to be turned after 10 minutes to grill each side evenly. Please be aware that this is hot and best advised that children do not do this!

Once done take them our of the oven and let them rest and cool slightly.

These were super easy to do and especially for children to follow. On tasting them they were delicious and seemed to cover all the ingredients that made them appealing; in Williams words "you can't go wrong when it has grilled cheese in the middle".

William did want to add to this recipe but only after he had tried them so from this point it is his "Little Chef tip"

William suggests putting a bit of Salsa on top of the sandwich. He commented that the added flavour of the tomatoes will work perfectly with it. As always, he was right! It added an extra bit of flavour and texture and actually made something that was already yummy even nicer!

Gym Bunny Mummy


Bear and Cardigan said...

He really is a little chef! I love the fact that he's thinking how to improve a recipe too. I can't wait for Bear to be old enough to cook, he helped me make sandwiches the other day. He put the mayo on and the diced chicken. A little bit messy but he loved it.

Martyn Kitney said...

He loves it. Especially if he has a bright idea with something.

Aw bless that's lovely bet he enjoyed it.

Unknown said...

I've got to admit I've never fancied trying aubergines, they just look weird to me, lol. After reading this though I might have to give them a try. Thanks for linking up to #SundaySweets, hope to see you back tomorrow x