Saturday, 4 June 2016

Our Weekly Round-up #2

Last week I decided that I should give you all a weekly round-up of what has been going on. 

We know that I have a busy life and sometimes many things get missed but one thing that stood out, here is a good place to document it all.

This week as had a lot of highs and lows. Last week was very much centred around James and the boys must have had a little meeting this week to decide to swap their attitudes; this post, therefore, will mostly feature William.

The week actually started pretty well. 

On Sunday I was invited to review a restaurant with a friend in the run up to Fathers day. It was great, a perfect way to spend a Sunday. The review will be live this week so keep a look out as it is a good deal and idea for a fathers day meal.

It was one of the Sundays that I didn't have the boys so I felt like I was spoiling myself a bit by having a meal out and then after we went to go and get our geek on at the cinema. We ended up watching Captain America: Winter Solider which was pretty awesome!  #TeamCap

Being a Bank Holiday weekend I didn't have the boys on my usual timetable. I usually have them Sunday and Monday, Wednesday and Thursday but as the boys Mum usually has to make up 3 working days she had to work the Tuesday. This meant that I actually had the boys Tuesday morning to Friday morning.

Despite the fact that I usually work all of Tuesday. I do still have it as a day to recoup after a hectic 2 days with boys but this was a solid period of time; time that I still had to work and juggle it all.

William embraced Tuesday and saw the time that I spent teaching as a time to evaluate what he wanted to do musically.

We have had a smaller guitar around for younger pupils for a while now and once my lessons were over he went straight to it. I did love that he did that! After a little time he managed to pick up a few chords and some strumming patterns.

Tuesday was busy but it worked well and we somehow managed to juggle it all without any problems.

As some of you saw, I had my 2 minutes of fame and was featured that evening on a documentary about Single parents with Myleene Klass. It wasn't the show that was pitched to me at all! However, I didn't think that what was said by myself was something that could have been taken badly so I was happy.

It was clear Wednesday morning that the boys needed to be entertained and they weren't going to go for a easy relaxing day; like many I saw on Twitter.

We had a good morning of crafts and play and William suggested an interest in cooking us dinner. He made Lasagne a while back and wanted to replicate that.

I love that he is interested in cooking and baking and he is truly "My Little Chef" but what should have taken 1 hour and 40 minutes to do took almost 3 hours! He was busy but methodically working his way through the recipe; to be fair it did taste yummy and the recipe will be posted here tomorrow!

The we came to Thursday.

Thursday was hell! One of the worst days that I have had in a long time as a parent!

It started off early with both boys being awake at 6am and immediately they were annoying each other. I don't know if it was the fact that we had been stuck together without that mid week break and we all had a bit of cabin fever or something else but they were at each others throats in minutes.

Eventually I had to separate them; one get dressed in one room and the other in another room. Perfect parenting I thought, and how wrong was I?

William lost it. He saw it as injustice! James was annoying him, he was hurting him because of that reason and, if anything, James should be separated from him and not the other way round! He emptied and threw all the clothes out and on the floor and then on the request to pick them up he not only pushed me but swung for me several times. It was hard. There I was stuck on the floor and needing to get up. I managed to do this but by the time I got back into the bedroom he had stripped my bed and made an obstacle course between him and me.

Well eventually, through the fighting, screaming and "I hate you's" William was in time out and I was having a coffee. Once calm had come a bit we chatted and one thing became clear, William needed an outlet for his built up anger towards the injustice that he felt.

We had been meaning to plant our growing runner bean plants for a while but we needed the spoil turned over again; I thought this was perfect for him.

It was cold and rather cast over but out in the garden he went. He had instructions to turn the soil over, build a frame and plant the runner bean plants.

After a few hours and a little help and supervision he was done and, to my pleasing, a lot calmer and focused. He had used all of his negativity and put it to good.

The rest of the day went as normal with a few bumps in the road but I was okay with that. I could cope again but I will be honest and say that it was tough that morning; I was at breaking point with what to do.

Friday was then my day to sort, clean and tidy, go and visit my dad and try and rest; which I managed, just, to do.

It has been one long week and I am pleased that it is over. I think there was a mix of a lot of things happening and I am hoping that with the week ahead and us back to our regular routine that things will be easier.

That's our week covered. How has your week gone? Have you had a good half term?

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