Monday, 8 August 2016

Out of the Mouth of Babes #24

It wasn’t that long ago when the boys and I investigated about the emergency services and the importance of learning and dialling 999. This last week, however, has made me think we may have to cover this topic again, especially after conversations I have had with James.

I will Report you!
James is a child with no fear. When it comes to playgrounds you will always find that he is the one jumping from high places, happy to risk his life swinging from the highest monkey bars and any other daredevil activity.
This character trait also goes through to talking to others. He doesn’t distinguish the difference in children by age, height or size; something that I have only found out applies to adults too!

We had just picked up our weeks basic shopping in Morrisons and went to queue up to pay but in front of us were two police officers.

James: “Excuse me! Are you real policemen?”
Officer #1: “Yes, we are”
James: *shouting* “Prove it! I don’t see your police car so how am I meant to know!!”

Officer #2: *laughs* “Well we have handcuffs and a radio”

James: “That doesn’t mean anything! I have a radio and my dad has handcuffs!”
(I would like to clarify here that I don’t own a pair of handcuffs but James has a pair at my house)

Officer #1 & #2: *Laughs*
*Daddy goes a little red*

James: “I need to see your number. It is like your name but you wouldn’t have one ‘cos policemen don’t…..and if you don’t show me I will call the police and report you! I know the number!”
Officer #1 & #2: *laughs and then shows the numbers* “Dad, you have a very sensible young man there.”

To James “Well done you could be a police officer when you’re older”
James: “Nah, I like getting into trouble too much!”

Well at least you know he can give banter to the police when he gets arrested!

I know the number!

On the way back to dropping the boys off to their mum we have to drive through a rather “rough” estate.

This isn’t a class thing at all but ever since the weather has improved the amount of older teenagers we see riding their bikes, with their tops off showing off their “bling” and with one hand drinking some low costing beer and the other steering their bikes in a zig zag crossing, completely hogging the road, in front of me is unbelievable!  

This may have meant that I might have had some directed road rage towards them….I’m not sure though ;)
James: “Oh Daddy, it’s those stupid idiots again that you don’t like! Why do they always ride like that in front of you?”

Me: “I don’t know but it is really dangerous! I just don’t want to run them over!”
James: “Maybe you should call their Mummy and tell her?”

Me: “I would darling but I don’t know their number”
James: “Maybe you should call the police?”

Me: “I might. Do you remember the number?”
James: “Yes, it’s *sings* 0118 999 881 999 119 7253”

Well he definitely hasn’t watched the IT Crowd with me! But more importantly how can he remember that really long number!
I think I might need to teach him the emergency number again!

Little Hearts, Big Love

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