Saturday 7 January 2017

#ProperIGBlogger Project

If you haven’t realised so far from reading some of my social media posts that I am massive fan of Instagram!
It has to be up there as one of my favourite social platforms. I have spent time growing it and within that have learnt some great tips and found out the limits to it and the things that I dislike about it; yet I continue to still spend a lot of time on there going through hundreds of photos a day that sparkle up my feed.

One of my favourite things is being part of some of the amazing hashtag communities that are around such as #Littlefierceones with Amy and Aby, #Rememberingthesedays with Laura and Clare, #Whatevertheweatherkids with Jenny and, of course, #UKParentbloggers with Emma. I even ran a small one last year called #2016inColour which, of course, I have updated to #2017inColour
One thing that I love is that within the communities is seeing all the fantastic photos that everyone produces. Yet, with some seasonal changes you did see a few “stock” and almost expected photos. This was always fun and I have to admit that I always tried to get some of those photos too like a Christmas tree shot, the boys climbing trees and us around Autumn leaves.

Natalie (Diary of an Unexpectant Mother) and I did try at one point to compete with each other by coming up with and presenting classic photos that you would expect a blogger to put up on Instagram.
It was fun and with that we both came up with a little idea and a hashtag community to go along the lines of “You know you’re a blogger when”.

#ProperIGBlogger a little light-hearted approach at capturing some of the classic shots that we, as bloggers, seem to produce.  
1.       #twinning
2.       Acorns
3.       Alcohol
4.       Animals
5.       Autumn leaves
6.       Baking
7.       Balloons
8.       BBQ
9.       Being in Woods
10.   Bike
11.   Blackberry crumble
12.   Blackberry picking
13.   Blogging Conference
14.   Blossom
15.   Blowing a candle off cake
16.   Bluebells
17.   Body treatment/face mask
18.   Bubble bath
19.   Bubbles
20.   Bunch of flowers
21.   Christmas Hat
22.   Climbing tree
23.   Clothes that label you as a parent
24.   Coffee/tea/hot chocolate
25.   Conkers
26.   Cooking
27.   Desk/office
28.   Easter eggs piled up
29.   Empty plate as gratitude
30.   Falling Snow
31.   Family
32.   Feet/shoes
33.   Fields
34.   First day of school
35.   Flatlay
36.   Food presented on a plate
37.   Footprint in the Snow
38.   Halloween
39.   Holding hands
40.   Lamp post/Bus Stop
41.   Laptop
42.   Last day of school comparison
43.   Lavender
44.   Laying on a Pillow
45.   Looking into the distance
46.   Messy face
47.   Monochrome
48.   Morning/cuddly bed
49.   Musical instrument
50.   New clothes
51.   Paint
52.   Pebble collecting
53.   Pebbles piled
54.   Pets
55.   Photo of a photo
56.   Pine cones
57.   PJ’s ready for bed
58.   Planting
59.   Playground
60.   Playing with cars
61.   Puddle jumping
62.   Pulling faces
63.   Pumpkin Picking
64.   Quote
65.   Random landscape
66.   Road trip
67.   Sandcastle
68.   Scooter
69.   Silhouette/Shadow
70.   Snapchat filter
71.   Snow on the Ground
72.   Sparklers
73.   Standing against a wall
74.   Street/buildings
75.   Sunflower
76.   Superhero
77.   Swing
78.   Tutu
79.   Vegetarian/vegan
80.   Watering plants

We only managed 80 although Nat and I feel that this is still quite a list!
This isn’t going to be one of those communities where every photo will be included but it will equally be fun! See it as a massive game of Bingo! ;)

So, what do you think? Did you post any post any of these last year? Can you think of any others?

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