Wednesday, 4 January 2017

2017: A Fresh Start

2017 has snuck its way into our lives and I haven’t opened my laptop up since New Year’s Eve.
To be honest I have enjoyed the break away and instead just enjoyed being online chatting away to everyone. It made a real nice change to do something different without any pressure, deadline or work.

Having that pressure is standard part of life and adulthood and I can see why many people throw themselves into the merriment of the holidays because of it. But, it is also the reason why I don’t set any New Year goals, resolutions or targets because I always feel the pressure of it.
There isn’t a New Year, New Me inside me and I don’t write this to be negative to those who do that because if that is your motivation then that is perfectly fine, it just isn't me.

I am more of a fresh start kind of person instead; 365 days, well 361 once you are reading this, of something new. Last year was exciting and many fantastic things happened to me and I am thankful for every single one but none of which was a goal and it makes me excited to what this year will bring.
The thing is that January always feels a bit of a downer after the festivities and I know that many people are feeling the same way about it. I know this was true for the Boys too; they have been suffering a bit from cabin fever, too much chocolate, magical lands of fun and excitement in every present, family gathering and afternoon films. It got to the point by Monday that the three of us were literally snapping at each other for every single movement and action!

It is difficult because we all feel it a bit which I think makes the whole setting and sticking to resolutions and goals so much harder!
By lunchtime I sat the boys down and said that we need to be a bit kinder to each other, stop with all the negativity and realise that we are in a new year which means we can get a fresh start.

Two things then happened. 
1: William told me that I needed to put my phone away as some silly negativity was annoying me and he could see that the phone was an added factor and 2: James then said, “A Fresh Start? Like fresh air? We should go out!”
My two boys who had literally been pulling each other’s hair out were geniuses in the making! (I am sure they get this from their mother…we know it isn’t from me ;) )

So for our start to the new year we went out, to the park, played football and had that fresh air to help with our fresh start!


It was a lovely afternoon and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute which I think you can see from the above photos. It made me realise that the pressures of life can be a bit much and sometimes some fresh air can help with a fresh start. It blew a lot of negativity, anxiety and pressure away and allowed us to be ready for the week ahead.
I was told once that you should see life as "Every day, only once" good or bad, you sleep and a new one comes. Gives you opportunity to enjoy that one perfect day, or brush away that one bad one.
Whatever you plan to do this year, whether it is goals, resolutions and targets, dieting or just letting 2017 do its own thing and see what surprises it has for you, like us, remember to get out, get some fresh air and remember we have a new year for a fresh start of whatever you want!

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