Thursday, 9 March 2017

Debenhams- Lego Challenge

We are a massive Lego fan family! But, lets face it, apart from stepping on tiny pieces on the floor who isn't?
We were recently contacted by Debenhams to take part in a 15 minute Lego challenge.

We were sent this wonderful Lego city volcano helicopter set and a timer.
The challenge is to make, create and build whatever you like whatever the true master builder inside you wants to do but with one have 15 minutes to do it!

With the Lego opened and ready on the table.

The timer set and ready to go the three of us tried to build something awesome!
Both boys had their ideas in their heads and they just started clicking pieces together (I just hoped that it would meet in the middle)



Five minutes in and the boys are building both individually and yet together!


James has some winged "ship" going on which then clicked on top of William's wheeled digger!


At this point it has grown wider, wings have extended and adapted and there is a definite facing point.

Argghhh........3 minutes left!

People have been added and even lights, antennas and blasters!

And we were done!
Our finished model!
A Transforming all purpose ship!
It has a front compartment for space and air travel.

The wings and then black panels to allow it to float on water!

A tail to steer in all circumstances.

What do you think?
We loved this challenge! Admittedly as a child and even now as an adult I was all about following the instructions but that is a telling sign for order and my DPD. Instead, I think that just becoming the true master builder and creating anything to excite the imagination is a brilliant thing.
The fact that the boys worked independently and yet still in unison is amazing and I think we will definitely spend smaller bursts doing this.

(This is a collaboration with Debenhams. My opinions are my own and I am under no obligations to give a positive review! Please see my full disclosure at the bottom of my blog)


Pickinguptoys said...

Looks like great fun!Did a fab job didn't they.Surprises me how they think of thinks to build so quick I'd have been sat for ages deciding :-D

Plutonium Sox said...

Haha great challenge, I think you know how I would have got on with it. I notice you didn't get involved, pretty sure it wouldn't have been such a masterpiece if you'd stuck your oar in!