Friday, 19 May 2017

James turns 6!

Today is James' 6th birthday!

It really doesn't seem that 6 years ago we welcomed this tiny baby weighing 6lb 8 and 3 weeks early into our lives. Out of the two boys James was the one we had a home birth with; such a great thing to do if it ever interests you but because of this it actually made his birthday even more special.

If he had been born one day earlier we wouldn't have been able to have a home birth due to potential risk factors of an early birth. If he had been a day later his Mum would have had a different midwife to the one that she had been seeing all that time because she was off on holiday; even more that the specific midwife was also on that exact night shift too. James, subsequently, was born at the perfect time!

James is the boy with an angelic face and a mischievous mind! (I have no idea where he gets that from!)

Over the last 6 years I have changed dramatically as a parent and I can say wholeheartedly that this is all down to him. Everything I thought I "knew" about being a parent that I believed I learnt with his brother he decided to throw caution to the wind and be different!
In that time I have gone from being a husband and a dad within that set up, stable home, income and career and then been diagnosed with mental health issues, grieved a massive loss, moved home, started this aspect of my blog, started home education and had a decreasing health with my MD. Yet, within all of this I have had the boys.

He has grown to become a boy that I am proud of individually but also part of the troublesome two.

James has definitely been a challenge and made everything change both in my personality and lifestyle. He is beautiful in every way and even if I don’t get frustrated, upset and annoyed and struggle with how I am meant to parent him he will always be my baby boy.

James is difficult to write about because there is so much about him; he is a complex but lovely boy. I tried to write a special post about him, even tried to do a letter to him on his birthday, but every time I tried I couldn't get it right.
The year that has passed has seen the change in him that has made him go from a little boy to a strong, confident and happy chap.


We may clash and I still may have trouble relating to who he is at times but I love him.He may still keep me on my toes and possibly still be cheeky and mischievous but every day that he grows and changes is just another day that I love him more.

My beautiful and not so little boy, happy 6th birthday!


Relentlessly Purple said...

Aw Happy Birthday James! Hope you have an awesome day x

Hannah Brooker said...

Happy birthday Jamesy I hope he has a lovely day and a great party xx

Natalie Ray said...

Bless him, he is adorable. He has such a cheeky face and I love the fact that he makes your life more difficult. It's like someone is doing my job for me without me even asking him to.

Tracey Abrahams said...

Testing again....
And happy birthday James xx