Friday, 15 December 2017

Review - JR Decal Mugs

This is going to be a slightly different Christmas here this year.
This is the first Christmas in the last 6 years that I would have been in a relationship and with that we, both the boys and myself as well as Hannah and the kids, will need to adapt what we do.
I have always been incredibly lucky to have the boys every Christmas since their mum and I separated.
The boys spend the majority of Christmas Eve with their mum, I pick them up Christmas Eve evening and we enjoy the following day together with them returning to their mum Boxing Day morning.
Although our tradition of watching the Muppets Christmas Carol and then bed ready for Santa we don’t have much else planned for the day.
However, as suggested above, this year will be different where we have adopted to some of the traditions that Hannah and her kids do too. Usually Christmas Eve they receive a nice pair of pj’s, a Christmas Eve box and enjoy a hot chocolate.
This didn’t seem a lot but it did seem like something we could easily adapt too. However, as Hannah and the kids haven’t moved in yet and just spending Christmas with us I wanted them to still keep their tradition and still feel at home; something as simple as having their own mug to drink from would make a big difference.
I was contacted not that long ago by the guys over at JR Decal to see if they wanted to work with us and I thought I would take advantage of that and see if they could help us in return.

JR Decal mostly produces wall stickers of a variety of designs from motivational, quotes, sport, Disney and some specific motivational Islamic messages or scripture.
The other aspect of the company that caught my attention was their fabulous mugs!
Like the Decal wall stickers they offer a range of mugs. Some for him, her, couples, children, personalised names and other different messages too; something I can imagine would brighten up most people with their cuppa of choice.
With this in mind I looked around the site and loved their mugs that had child designs incorporated.
With the above idea that we, as a blended family, will be enjoying some lovely hot chocolate both on Christmas Eve and throughout the holidays I wanted to find something that was suitable for each child.
I was looking for 2 mugs that suited James and A, both 6 years old and William and Midge, 8 and 9. They, in my mind, needed to be bright, engaging, look suitable for a young age as well as having the option for the older children to have some maturity.
I was really pleased to find these 4!
I loved the Lion with Roar and it instantly ticked all my boxes for James. It was definitely cute enough but vibrant for his younger age and, at the same time, suited is rather bold personality.

The next cup was part of the Princess and the Dragon and name range. After looking at it and knowing the love of Dragons that A has I thought this was perfect. The best feature of this, however, was the fact that they changed the design and made it just the dragon.
Next I found this lovely quirky Little cute Hoot Owl. I loved the design as I thought it was perfect for William’s age with the animal design and yet offered a level of maturity for him being the eldest boy.

Lastly, I saw the colourful bird shape pattern. Midge is turning 10 next month so I wanted something that was fitting for her age and coming age and both a design that would be suitable for adults as well to show her maturity.
Each design did exactly what I wanted and I could have found several other designs for both adults and children or alternatively have something with a personalised name on it too.
Having a gift like this at Christmas I thought ticked so many boxes for us. A simple action of having a mug of their own for Hannah’s children I thought would make them feel like they are at home here, it allowed us to continue a Christmas tradition and finally, made a perfect personal gift for each child.
If, like us, you are looking for a similar item for either Christmas or a special occasion then I would definitely recommend visiting them. Or, if you want to put something extra into a Christmas Eve box and start having a tradition to of Hot Chocolate, like us, then, again, here is a company that can help. You can find them on their site, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

For us, we are one step closer to having a personalised blended family this Christmas and enjoy a Hot Chocolate in our Pj's.


Picking Up Toys said...

Muppets Christmas Carol is my fave Christmas movie, it's not Christmas til I've watched it at least once!!Love the mugs, think my favourite is the dragon, no prizes for guessing why :-D

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