Thursday, 16 October 2014


I recently went shopping and took my eldest William with me. We pulled into the Tesco car park and there wasn't anywhere to park, luckily,  for me, someone pulled out of the parent and child space so I zoomed in whilst I could.

Getting out of the car I had lots of mums giving me  funny look, but I ignored it and put it down to paranoia. Yet William spoke up; "Daddy why are mummies starring at you? Is it because you've parked in the wrong spot?" I carefully replied "No darling daddy can park there" His response was telling "I don't think you're allowed it has a mummy sign look" (pointing to the sign that's pictured above)

I tried to explain, to a very observant 5 year old, that it was for parents, mummy's and daddy's,  but the picture just shows a mummy.

Following a lot of my posts on Stereotyping,  and isolation from home schooling mums; is it really surprising that it happens when basic signs like this in popular stores show a negative segregation of gender?

Since university I have promoted men and males in nurseries to provide a balanced, integrated, surroundings for all children.  In primary schools, as a teacher, I promoted, not only, male teachers but also not to rush the position of responsibility duly because it is seen as 'more acceptable' to have a man in a lead, organisational role.

Although I see gender differences all the time, it has really been highlighted recently,  that there are clear gaps that still need to be bridged. Men, and male parents, need to have a balanced role rather than being deemed as a financial earner or substitute parent ( and yes I have heard that before) Dads start at the beginning and should be responsible for the children's upbringing not to be declared or categorised as a earner,  tag team partner, or in cases of single dads as bums who should only see their kids once a fortnight.  

I am, however,  fully aware that a lot of dads don't take active interest in their children. I do believe though that this is vastly over estimated and that there are dads who do have active involvement. 

As an active parent, single dad, care giver, clothes buyer, shopper and home educator, to name just a few I want to look at equal equality between genders even if it is just starting with stereotypical signs in shopping car parks. Especially if a 5 year old boy can tell there is a difference then it's about time us adults do the same.

On twitter I often put inspirational quotes followed by my tag line #changeyourstory

I employ to you to do the same. Change your mind set,  speak up for good, hard working and active dads and definitely #changeyourstory


Unknown said...

It never once occurred to me that parent child spots picture mums! Amazing really. Just one more example of how good dads are ignored.

Martyn Kitney said...

I know! Some shops and car parks have changed it to two adults which I don't mind. But a place like Tesco's, in some places (our area particularly) still have the same old logo of mums and children.
I hadn't noticed until the above incident and it just shocked me. But is a blatant example of how dad's are excluded.