Monday 30 May 2016

Out of the Mouth of Babes #21

This has been a rather busy week around here but amongst the madness and hectic life the boys have come out with some...well....interesting things!

This week has really shown their innocence but also how William is developing an understanding of slightly blue humour too!

Wanting a bigger Sausage
We have been investigating Rivers and Beaches as part of our latest Home Ed topic. Last week we visited a local beach and had a fabulous day but like any good beach trip we had to stop and get Chips and eat them with a wooden fork. (It just makes them taste nicer!)
Whilst sat there comfortably eating they had this discussion:
James: "Daddy, William has a bigger sausage than me!"
William: "I don't! They're exactly they same size"
James: Yours definitely looks bigger"
William: "It is only because I am older that you think it is like that."
James: "Okay, but when I am older I want a bigger sausage too"
William: "You will. One day your sausage will be as big as mine and then when you're grown up you will have a big one like Daddy."
James: "Okay, but I reckon mine will be bigger!"
Meanwhile, now finishing our sausages and eating our chips, a lady walks past us and smiles.
(James to lady) 
James: "When I am as big as Daddy I will have a big sausage like him!"
I wouldn't have minded if he was still actually eating a sausage!!
James' Birthday Suit
With James turning 5 last week he received many lovely presents but with the fact that he likes dressing up he got several costumes too. One, in particular, was a Danger Mouse outfit which he spent most of the day in.
Come to our bedtime routine and the boys having their bath I overheard this:
William: "Hurry up or the water is going to get cold"
(I love how they act like a little married couple like this)
James: "I am having trouble taking of my birthday costume"
William: *starts laughing* "Do you know something funny?"
James: "What?"
William: "You are taking off your birthday suit to have a bath in your birthday suit!"
Honestly have no idea where he has heard this from! I definitely haven't used that phrase!
Growing our Cactus

The boys love all things green fingered and we have many plants that we take care of and grow but both the boys have a love for different types of Cacti.
This one is William's and he has not only been looking after it but also measuring its growth and change.
William was doing his latest check up on it when he shouted quite loudly this:
William: "Look at all the hairy balls my cactus has!"
I chuckled quite a lot at this. If only he knew!

Little Hearts, Big Love

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