Thursday, 6 April 2017

My Little Chef - Chicken Lasagne

Following on from our Pasta topic this term we have been looking to find new recipes to try. We are massive lasagne fans in this household as you may know from William's previous recipe. Luckily, I came across a new recipe for a Chicken Lasagne on Facebook and William decided that we must make it!

200g Smoked Bacon
Cooked Chicken
500g Grated Cheese
200g Soft Cream Cheese
500ml Milk
Pasta - Lasagne Sheets

Cutting Board
3x Bowls
Frying Pan
Oven Dish
We started by turning the oven on 180c
To save time we had already bought a cooked Chicken. Using a fork and his fingers William shredded the chicken into a bowl.

William then sliced and cubed the ham and placed them into another bowl.

He then opened, sliced and cubed the bacon.

He then fried the bacon until it was crispy.

William poured the milk and soft cheese into the saucepan and stirred until thickened and smooth.

He then added 2 heaped spoons of flour and continually mixed to thicken. Finally he placed a handful of grated cheese and a pinch of pepper to the sauce.

William then placed all of the ingredients together ready to build the lasagne.

First William placed and layered the bottom of the dish with pasta sheets.

He then sprinkled the shredded chicken, ham and bacon on top of the bottom layer of pasta sheets.

Using a ladle William poured a small layer over the meat and pasta.

He then sprinkled a layer of grated cheese to finish the layer.

He then covered the ingredients with pasta sheets and started again.

William then repeated this process and created 3 layers.
(The ingredients were just enough for all 3)

He finally topped the layers with sheets and one layer of sauce.

He then finished with more grated cheese.
William then placed it in the oven for 55 minutes until it was fully cooked.

The cheese was golden and crisp on top and the chicken, ham and bacon was covered with the hot lovely sauce oozing the layered pasta.

This is was quite a rich dish and quite complicated to make. However, if you wanted an activity to do with your children for an afternoon or wanted a meal for a special family occasion I would say that this is perfect for it!
What do you think? Would you give this a try?


Natalie Ray said...

This looks very impressive but if you wouldn't mind making a vegetarian version so that I can have the recipe that would be just marvellous, thank you ;)

Kim Carberry said...

I think you need to send him up here to cook for me....hehehe He is very talented. That looks delicious x

Relentlessly Purple said...

Oooh you so need to make this for me Will!

Becster said...

He's a proper little chef your William! Looks yummy! Never thought of making lasagne with chicken I must admit.