Friday, 22 April 2016

MAD Awards Finalist!

So it was Thursday night and I was sat sitting, watching Big Bang Theory and relaxing, mostly because I have an extra day with the boys this week, when my phone started going a little crazy.
My phone was going crazy with notifications because the MAD Awards finalists had been announced and this beautiful blog is one of them!

I have made the final 6 in the ‘Best Schooldays Blog’ and trust me I have had to check it several times.
To be honest I am in a little shock about it all. People have been congratulating me and telling me that I deserve it which is truly lovely but I never thought that it would be possible.

I seem, like so many I assume, to sit here and type behind my screen the ins and outs of my little life with my two boys and document the work and topics that we do on our Home School journey. It has been, and always will be, a place to record what we do so one day the boys can look back and have some memories in place of their time with me and all we do.

When I started documenting our journey I really didn't think anyone would be interested in  reading about a single stay at home dad and his two boys. Parenting has never come easy to me where my muscular dystrophy , mostly my walking, restricts a lot of the activities I can do but within that I still want to provide the best opportunities for the boys either in a home educating setting or not.

Every day I have them we just work through our lessons and I find time to write them all down. On this path it has also allowed William to branch out with his passion for cooking and baking; his aim is to have children around the world copying his recipes!

Yet, through doing this the support and encouragement from fellow  bloggers  parents who are along for the journey, trying our activities and recipes and showing that life with children doesn't stop and start between 9-3 Monday and Friday when children are at school. Learning can be fun and can be something all families can do together and I have always hoped that people would see that within our posts.

This is then coupled with the everyday life or parenting. From tantrums, funny things that they say, being told that you're hated or to the opposite of beaming from ear to ear that your child has made you proud.

This is just our life. I didn't think it would ever be more than a hobby for the boys to look back at.
So to be made a finalist out of over 8,000 wonderful bloggers nominated is unbelievable. Even more so to be a Dad blogger to make it is fantastic!

So, what next?
Well to be completely honest, I have no idea!

Voting for the finalists opens today (22/04) at 10am and will remain open for 4 weeks. There are 14 different categories with 6 superb finalists waiting for votes, of which I am sure it will be tough as there are so many great bloggers in them and especially in my category!
Of course I am one of those bloggers who just plod along care free but i would love for you to vote for us in the best schooldays category. 

I am definitely unsure if I deserve it though but that is down to you, not me. I know many of you enjoy the Home Ed posts and what we are learning as well as the rollercoaster ride of parenthood that the boys seem to take me on, so if this is you then please vote.

Obviously this is all your choice if you believe I am worthy enough. We all have our own choices and decisions so there is never any offence given or taken. There are 5 other amazing blogs and bloggers there but if you do consider mine then I would really appreciate it; it would be nice for a dad to win it and a home educating one too.
The best way of doing it is clicking here and completing their online form.

In the meantime I will carry on doing what I do and have fun with the boys and annoy you all, as always ;-) , on social media.
Before I sign off I would like to thank everyone who nominated me in this category; you have no idea how much you doing it has meant to me! And, for everyone who has taken the time to message me and congratulated me, it really is appreciated.

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